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Monday, September 24, 2018

Barkbox - October 2017 | Blog My Backlog

What is BarkBox?: BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your favorite pupper. Each box includes five items, two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew. You tell them the size of your pupper and how you want to pay, and then you decide if you want to spend an extra $9/box for an extra toy! It's divided into three sizes, so Trumpet fits nicely in the middle category as 'Just Right.'

How Much is BarkBox?: If you want no commitments, cancel anytime, the box is $29/month. A three-month commitment brings it down to $25/month. Six months is $23/month (billed up-front as $138) and a one-year commitment is $20/month but you get to pay monthly! You get free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada, but there is sales tax applied to certain states. 

I'm getting some serious judgemental vibes right here. Trumpet doesn't understand why he has to pose for photos.

Of the three listed, two are definitely horrors in this house. Trumpet HATES rain/water/getting wet/etc. and Murphy is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. I wish we would have gotten the rain cloud/drops, that grumpy face is too cute.

Zombie Squirrel (Medium) ($12.00) - Poor Zombie Squirrel. He survived until Murphy came to the house...and then died a second time shortly after. I love the toy and I'm happy to see that it's available in the store currently (you can bet there's going to be a BarkShop haul coming soon).

Rest in Pieces Tombstone ($12.00) - This is adorable, almost too cute to allow to be chewed up. It's the perfect beginning to a Halloween village and I love it. The little grass pieces each have a squeaker and it's really long, long enough to be used for some serious tugging around between the puppers.

Pig Ear Chew ($5.00) - Instant pass. Like I've mentioned in the past, I don't allow these greasy treats for the pups because they chew them on the beds, the chairs, the blankets, etc., and leave a greasy residue on things. They go to my mom and I think they end up with a friend that rescues/fosters/saves dogs.

Spooky Snacks ($5.00) - See that weird texture on the treats, I'm not sure what's going on. Trumpet loved these as they toss well and he can catch them easily. He also seemed to like the flavor.

Simply Ghoulicious ($5.00) - 'Real pumpkin and cheese,' sounds yummy. These were weird three-pieced things, so I ended up breaking the circles apart to be individual treats as these were bigger than what we normally give the pups.

Overall, this box might be my forever favorite (unless this year's October box does something amazing). I love Halloween so I'm thrilled with all things spooky, and the squirrel was just too perfect! The box was valued at $29.00 and the curation was perfect for Halloween but I don't feel like it met the 'Household Horrors' themecard!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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