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Monday, August 27, 2018

Touch in Sol Add Sparkle to Your Eye Makeup Review + Coupon Code | Makeup Mondays

Hey, y'all. This is something new that I'm going to be doing on my blog (once I get caught up), Makeup Mondays. It'll be a review of a product or a few products in a line and will include swatches and sometimes a look. This is for more in-depth reviews of a specific product rather than a sentence or two from a regular subscription review.

The two products featured for this post is the Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Shadow Duo (in Talia) and the Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara.

The discount code for y'all is TIS20 for 20% off on their website.

Look at me, showing a picture of my face. Ignore the eyebrow shade, I'm still struggling with finding the right shade in a product that I super love.

This is the full-face using both sides of the duo and the mascara (sans my glasses that are necessary to see).

First up, this is the products. The eyeshadow duo retails for $25 and the mascara is $22. The shade I received, Talia, is currently not showing on their website. 

This is the mascara brush. I like that the bristles are longer on one side than they are on the other. This makes it easier to use on your lower lashes or upper, depending on what mascara look you're looking for. 

A swatch of the eyeshadow duo product. The moon is the liquid foil and the stars are the glitter shadow (top is straight off of the brush and the bottom is it 'rubbed in.'

Info about the full makeup look will be on the Instagram post for tonight (I'll update this post with the link when it goes live) as this is solely about the products mentioned. The first picture of this post is with the glitter side of the duo used as well as the liquid foil and the mascara. 

The foil goes on somewhat easily. It's very wet so you have to apply and then let it sit with your eye shut for a good minute before moving. It also doesn't show as vividly as I had hoped because it was so metallic. It doesn't layer well so no chance of it being more vibrant.

The glitter is a disaster. It looks nice on the eye but it dries and falls off of the eye. You can see below that it falls within a couple of hours. If you try to wipe it away, it smears and becomes a highlight in the worst places. If there was a way to get the foil side without the glitter, I'd 100% recommend. Otherwise, it's a no from me.

The mascara is wonderful if you don't wear glasses and have naturally long lashes. My lashes are flat as a fritter but are long so I have to be careful with lengthening mascaras. If you're looking for a super lengthening mascara, this is great for you.

Said photo of about two hours after initial application. This was taken in the bathroom so it's different lighting but you can see the glitter bits all under my eyes.

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