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Touch in Sol Add Sparkle to Your Eye Makeup Review + Coupon Code | Makeup Mondays

Hey, y'all. This is something new that I'm going to be doing on my blog (once I get caught up), Makeup Mondays. It'll be a review of a product or a few products in a line and will include swatches and sometimes a look. This is for more in-depth reviews of a specific product rather than a sentence or two from a regular subscription review.

The two products featured for this post is the Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Shadow Duo (in Talia) and the Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara.

The discount code for y'all is TIS20 for 20% off on their website.

Look at me, showing a picture of my face. Ignore the eyebrow shade, I'm still struggling with finding the right shade in a product that I super love.

This is the full-face using both sides of the duo and the mascara (sans my glasses that are necessary to see).

Play! by Sephora - September 2017 | Blog My Backlog

What is Play by Sephora?: Play! by Sephora is Sephora's own monthly subscription box! Each month will include five deluxe samples plus a fragrance sample (or some other sample sized product), all coming from the same brands that Sephora carries! Each box also includes a Play Book (tips and tricks) and a Play Pass (a one-on-one tutorial at Sephora and a bonus 50 points card with in-store purchase).

How Much is Play by Sephora?: Play by Sephora is $10/month plus your state's sales tax (if a Sephora is in your store). It ships for free but only to the contiguous 48 states.

Click here to see past Play! by Sephora reviews.

Upon opening the bag, I immediately saw some instant hits.

le Polish - Daddy's Girl Review | Swatch My Stash

Hey, y'all! I have a polish from a quad from le Polish. The quad isn't currently available as it's from last year, but I'm not sure if it'll come back or not. The entire quad is perfect for Halloween and this one is the best so hopefully, it does come back for those that missed it the first time.

Daddy's Girl is a black polish with a strong purple to teal shift and purple to green color-shifting flakies.

Notoriously Morbid Mystic Monthly - September 2017 + Coupon Code! | Blog My Backlog

What is Notoriously Morbid Mystic Monthly?: Mystic Monthly is a new monthly subscription from Notoriously Morbid featuring the legendary Mystic Mattes liquid lipsticks. Each year has a theme (2017 is The Witches' Inn) and each month comes with one full-size limited-edition Mystic Matte and one additional full-size lip product.

How Much is Mystic Monthly?: Mystic Monthly is $10 in the US (including shipping) and $16 for those international (also including shipping).

For past reviews of Notoriously Morbid, just click here
Use code 'KMRAMBLINGS15' for 15% off your next Notoriously Morbid order (subs not included)!

Send Starbursts every month, pls. 

Paint It Pretty Polish | Tetris Neons (Cremes) Review | Swatch My Stash

Hey, y'all! You know Summer isn't over yet. As much as I wish it were Fall (football games, hot cocoa, craft fairs), we need to finish out the Summer with the Tetris Collection by Paint it Pretty Polish. This is the Cremes part of the collection, there will be a post with the Shimmers up later! All twelve polishes (five shimmers, seven cremes) are available as a collection purchase and right now they're on sale!

Paint it Pretty Polish does ship from Canada so shipping may take longer if you're in the US.

Like with all group/collection posts, this is the round-up for the collection. Each polish has its own post, just click the polish's name!

I love seeing neons all together.

ipsy Glam Bag - September 2017 | Blog My Backlog

What is Ipsy?: Ipsy is a monthly subscription that sends 4-5 beauty/makeup products plus a different makeup bag each month. They also have a referral program where you earn points. Be sure to use your points within a year of earning them, though, because they do expire. They have expanded the points program to give you additional points by sharing your bag and following their content creators on social media accounts!

How Much is Ipsy?: Ipsy is only $10 per month shipped to the United States or $10 plus shipping ($4.95) to Canada. 

Check out other Ipsy reviews here.

Look at this selection.

Blackheart Beauty (Hot Topic) - Blue Purple Stargazer Review | Swatch My Stash

Hi guys! It's another new to the blog brand for today! I have seen Be Happy Buy Polish post tons of swatches from Blackheart Beauty so I figured it was time to try them out. Also, they're sold at Hot Topic which is in my top five favorite stores (hello, Emo Kiersten coming out) so it wasn't like it was difficult to find them. The selection might not always be great (I had to go to a few different stores to get most of the ones I wanted and had to dig through a bin to get the ones I was able to find) but some are available online if you can't find them in store!

Blue Purple Stargazer is a blue and purple microglitter polish.

Skyline Soapworks Soap of the Month - September 2017 | Blog My Backlog

What is Soap of the Month?: Soap of the Month is a monthly bag from Skyline Soapworks that includes an exclusive scent in a full-size soap as well as an extra soap sample. Each full-size soap scent will be new to the store, released in this monthly bag before it's available in the store.

How Much is Soap of the Month?: Soap of the Month is available in up-front purchases only with three-month, six-month, and one-year options. Three months is $30.95, six months is $60.95, and one year is $120.95. These prices include domestic shipping.

I'm always down for more fall scents. 

ILNP - Beach House Review | Swatch My Stash

Hi, everyone. Today I have a brand that I've bought a ton of polishes from and have worn so much in the past but somehow haven't shared on here. This was one of the first brands I ever purchased so I can't believe I haven't shared any swatches. 

This brand has been around for so long and there are so many shade and finish options so everyone is able to find so many polishes they want from the brand (I currently have a $100+ cart waiting for me to decide if I need more polishes right now).

Beach House is a gorgeous Ultra Holographic aqua-blue nail polish.

Boxycharm - September 2017 | Blog My Backlog

What is Boxycharm?: Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box that sends 4-5 full-size beauty products with boxes being valued at $100+. Each month has a theme but it's not followed exactly as much as the spirit of the theme. Shipping has gotten a lot better since my last Boxycharm post, I get my box almost always in the first half of the month (there is a distribution center less than an hour from my house).

How Much is Boxycharm?: Boxycharm is $21/month shipped. Currently, Boxycharm is offered to the US, its territories, and Canada.

There have been some rumblings and a sign-up for Boxycharm Luxe. There is very little info but I'm hoping to get that subscription as well as the regular Boxycharm.

Yep, I went back to Boxycharm. It's been a few years since my last box but this (plus a recent resub to Birchbox) means comparison posts will be coming back too!

Necessary Evil Polish - Space Cookie Review | Swatch My Stash

This is another 'pray for my camera' post. The polish itself is gorgeous in person but it did overwhelm my camera so apologies that all of the pictures aren't 100% in focus. This is currently available but there's also an Empowering Women quad that I'm drooling over so don't miss that as well! 

I have a mini bottle to show you but it's available in full-size.

Space Cookie is a silver-holo pigment base with 3 different sizes of holo and holo flakies.

Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet - September 2017 + Coupon Code! | Blog My Backlog

What is Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet?: Vanishing Cabinet is a monthly subscription box by Notoriously Morbid where each month you get a bag of indie makeup. Bags include four to five themed items (a combination of minis and possibly full-sizes). Products can include eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and/or solid perfume. There is currently a wait list so sign up here to get on the list to start your subscription!

The NMVC is changing in 2018 so make sure you're part of the fan group to find out the new format!

How Much is Notoriously Morbid?: $13.25/month including shipping to the US. International subscriptions are now $20/month.

Use code 'KMRAMBLINGS15' for 15% off your next Notoriously Morbid order (subs not included)!

Store|Facebook Page|Instagram|Facebook Group

The September bag was Clue themed which was just adorable! There was a game that we played on the website that went along with it!

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - The Seasons Change Review | Swatch My Stash

Hey, y'all! Hope y'all are having a good week so far. Today I have a throwback polish from years ago that's currently available in her store! It's low in stock so don't miss out on it as I'm not sure if it's coming back again! The swatches themselves are on the older side so be gentle with criticism. <3

Here's The Seasons Change.

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The Seasons Change is a berry pink linear holographic with platinum microflakies and silver microflakies.

Fortune Cookie Soap of the Month - September 2017 (Haloween Box) | Blog My Backlog

What is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: Fortune Cookie Soap of the Month is Fortune Cookie Soap's monthly box to get your monthly fix of FCS products. It launched at the beginning of the year and has had some amazing themes so far. Each month's box has a different theme (hair, body, face, feet, etc.) and will have a mix of past, present, and new scents/products along with at least one brand new product. You can skip any months you want to so it's the perfect subscription if you want specific items or only want a few boxes a year.

How Much is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: FCS of the Month is $28.00 plus shipping ($6.95 for the US). Use code 'Firstfcsbox' to save $6.95 off of your first box.

See those maggots, they got me and then I put them in a bag of things I won't use to my mom and got her with them! I think she did the same thing to one of her friends, the maggots are going all over Georgia!

Turtle Tootsie Polish - Galaxy Cocktail Review | July 2017 Polish Pickup | Swatch My Stash

Happy weekend, I'm at one week of having blog posts up again which is making me feel like an effective blogger again. I'm hoping to keep this up but we all know something will happen and I'll get busy or distracted and will fall of for a bit (facts, man). Anyways, I'm almost done with my old round of polishes I've swatched and not posted, which is giving me a lot of good feelings. This is from last July's Polish Pickup, which was drinks/cocktail themed. 

Here's Galaxy Cocktail.

Galaxy Cocktail is a blurple holographic with pink shimmer and blue and purple chameleon flakies.

Rocksbox Review | Blog My Backlog + Free Box Code!

What is Rocksbox?: Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box where you receive three pieces of jewelry that's (supposed to be) curated for you. You can wear the pieces as much as you want and buy pieces if you love them. You get a $21 monthly credit to offset the price of a piece (or pieces) if you choose to purchase. Send back what you don't want and you'll get another box. You also rate each piece to let your stylist better curate your boxes.

How Much is Rocksbox?: Rocksbox is $21.00 a month shipped but is currently only available in the US and the terrorities.

Get your first box free with code KIERSTENBFF31! See past Rocksbox reviews here!

I will forever want a full-size jewelry box that looks like this.

Quixotic Polish - Shake Señora Review | Swatch My Stash

Hey, y'all! This might be my final post with Quixotic's original bottle shape, which is sad and happy at the same time (mostly because that means I'll be posting current swatches soon!). I'm on the easy stretch of the week and I'm going to be working on doing some of those said swatches all day today!

Now, on to Shake Señora!

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Shake Señora is a fuchsia jelly with silver holographic flakes.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - It's Good | August 2018 Polish Pickup

Happy Wednesday! This week has been hectic but is looking more easy-going after today. As you might be able to tell, I'm trying to be a blogger again. We'll see if I can make a real run of it this time! This August theme for Polish Pickup is Musicals and this polish is inspired by Enchanted. There is no cap and itis $12.00.

Polish Pickup is a monthly polish shopping extravaganza! Each month, there's a new theme (voted on by group members) and makers individually decide if they want to participate and create their own polish to meet the theme. This month, the store is open from 8/3-8/6, and you can buy as many or as few polishes as you want. The shipping is $3.00 total (US), no matter how many polishes you get, and they combine shipping if you make more than one order during the weekend! 

Polish Pickup's info:

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer's info:

It's Good is abright candy apple red with a fine green shimmer and a larger particle green to purple shifting shimmer (the purple sometimes shows as fuchsia in the red base).

Barkbox - September 2017 | Blog My Backlog

What is BarkBox?: BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your favorite pupper. Each box includes five items, two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew. You tell them the size of your pupper and how you want to pay, and then you decide if you want to spend an extra $9/box for an extra toy! It's divided into three sizes, so Trumpet fits nicely in the middle category as 'Just Right.'

How Much is BarkBox?: If you want no commitments, cancel anytime, the box is $29/month. A three-month commitment brings it down to $25/month. Six months is $23/month (billed up-front as $138) and a one-year commitment is $20/month but you get to pay monthly! You get free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada, but there is sales tax applied to certain states. 

Look at those eyes, the eyes of an only child. Poor boy isn't an only child anymore. <3

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