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Thursday, May 31, 2018

My Fashion Crate - May 2018 | Subscription Review

What is My Fashion Crate?: My Fashion Crate is a monthly subscription featuring stylish clothing, accessories, beauty items & gift cards. There are two tiers, the Essential box (3-4 pieces/items) and the Premium box (5-8 pieces/items).

How Much is My Fashion Crate?: The Essential box is $35.00 and the Premium box is $49.95. All U.S. order shipping is $4.95. Shipping to Canada is $13, and all other international shipping is $19.95. 

This is a fashion subscription so you will have to give your sizing. Tops and Dress sizing is small, medium, or large, bottoms is 0-18, and you enter in your shoe sizing. 

This was my first issue as I normally wear anywhere from a large to an XXL in shirts, depending on the actual piece. I wear a 16-18 in bottoms, again depending on the piece. This is all I'll say about women's sizing because I can definitely get on my soapbox about how inconsistent clothing sizing is for women. 

It is disheartening to see a decent size variation for pants but not for shirts/dresses. 

This box does not allow for exchanges or substitutions. If something is damaged or they send the wrong size, you cand send it back to them for the correction at your expense (with a trackable shipping option).

I feel like if it's their fault, it should be sent back to them at no expense to the subscriber.

This mailer was PACKED when it arrived. I couldn't get everything back in when I was done...it really was like packing for a trip.

Info card pt 1. This is what would have been received if you had an Essential box subscription.

Info card pt 2. This is the Premium box subscription.

Founding Member info card.

Promo Card from Sweet & Spark ($25.00) - Because this subscription initially says they might include gift cards, I can accept this being part of the 'value.' I did check and the webite has a few pieces that you could get for under $25 (you do have to pay a minimum of $5-$8.95 for shipping) so this could be a true $25 value. A cursory search didn't show anything that popped out at me, but if I do get something I'll update.

Deux Lux The Barrow Clutch ($90.00) - 1. Not a chance that I'd pay $90 for this piece. 2. I couldn't find anything in this line on their website and only found some other pieces from this line on Nordstrom Rack. 3. If I'd received this in a darker color, I'd absolutely love it (I'm a bit of a disaster and don't do well with light colored pieces).

Overall, this piece is really pretty. It's heavy, not necessarily in a good way but also not in a bad way. I like that the strap is removable so you can wear it a few ways. There was some damage to the piece from the chain not being completely wrapped (below) which did disappoint me. I also feel like this is very Spring and would have worked better in a box from February - April rather than when we're in Summer/going into Summer.

This piece is not leather if that matters to you.


Loveriche Flirty Blush Floral Blouse (L) ($42.00) - So I cannot tell you if this is available or not because it appears this is a brand that only sales to other companies rather than selling on their own website (you can't look at anything without an account with them). The shirt came in a large (again, the biggest size this subscription sends) and I could tell just by looking that it wouldn't fit. I tried and would have gotten stuck if I'd put more than one arm in. I also had husband try (he wears a medium in men's) and he had the same situation. 

The shirt is constructed fairly well but I would only hand wash it because the fabric does feel a little....light? The piece is pretty, would have been gorgeous if it didn't have the ruffles on the arms (it fits my 'old lady' aesthetic I've been very into recently). Because I couldn't wear this, it was a miss.

Honey Belle Breeze Ivory Floral Shorts (L) ($35.00) - Same with the shirt, this is a brand that you can only look at most of their products if you're a buyer. These came in a LARGE, definitely not the size I said I am. The info says they have a 'comfortable elastic waistband' which they definitely do not. These are typical linen shorts with no stretch or give and it's a joke to send this size to me. They're cute but not necessarily what I'd wear (I'm cold 78% of the time so I wear pants other than when I'm just sitting around the house) These are lined which means less chance of an unfortunate situation. Again, hand wash. Another bust.

Sterling Forever Leather Fringe Reversible Black & Cobalt Blue Tassle Necklace ($79.00/$45.00 on sale) - Finally, and item I can actually share a direct link to the product! The piece is interesting. I immediately knew that this would be given to my mom. She loves these long chain statement necklaces and this is right up her alley. I will note that the tassles don't lay as flat as it shows on their website, which I think makes it cooler. I would not spend this much on this piece, though.

Also included was a $30 Gift Card for Sterling Forever. I did check and there are pieces you can find for around $30 and they offer free shipping. Yes, I've agreed to give the code to my mother so she can get another piece. I'm a good daughter.

Maria Shireen Hair Tie Bracelet Set ($12.00) - I cannot find this particular piece on their website, the ones I find seem to be aluminum rather than plastic like what I received. This is probably my favorite item from the entire bag because I always wear a hair tie and this is another way to wear one. TBH, I'll probably wear this and then just a hair tie on my wrist because having one on my wrist constantly helps my anxiety. More hair ties, yay!

Manna Kadar Beauty Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick (Sugar) ($24.00) - Really? It wouldn't be a subscription box without a Manna Kadar product. I don't hate this product because I do need to use shadow primers more but it just made me laugh when I saw it. 

Overall this bag is valued at $337 based on their values but only $303 based on what value I could find. The actual bag was a bit of a bust to me. The pieces they feature on their website look right up my alley (black and white striped shirt, blush skinny jeans, army green shirt, sneakers, etc) but these two pieces aren't what I would wear even if they were in my size. The whole vibe of this bag was all over the place, bold statement necklace but super feminine shirt and girly shorts. I don't expect a cohesive outfit but I'd like to see some true direction in regards to the clothing and accessory pieces as it's hard to know if a subscription like this will work for you when it's like this month's bag was.

I'd also like to see a change when it comes to their exchanges if the item is damaged. It definitely shouldn't be on the subscriber to pay for an exchange if the damage wasn't caused by them (I know USPS can damage items but the responsibility is on the business to make sure items arrive as they should).

If they were to send me another bag, I'd hope the bag would include at least one of the clothing pieces in the correct size and the direction I mentioned before.

Let me know what you thought of these pieces and if you see something in the items that I don't in the comments!

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