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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sweets Gift Box - April 2017

What is Sweets Gift Box?: Sweets Gift Box is a monthly subscription box by The Gift Box (the company that brings us Pet Gift Box and a slew of other boxes) that promises the ultimate sweet tooth experience to satisfy your every craving.

How Much is Sweets Gift Box?: Sweets Gift Box is $30 if you buy a one-off box or $25 if you subscribe. The price is lower if you do a long-term subscription. Currently, the box is available to the US only.

Swing into Spring...except Spring starts in Georgia in mid-February, so April is a little delayed for that.

Info card.

Zlicious Confections (Cayenne Salted Caramel Corn)  - Oh dear lord, no. Why do poeple have to mess with a good thing? There's nothing wrong with normal caramel corn (I don't eat it but that's because I only eat one kind of popcorn ever) but why put cayenne on it? It's like we have to find the weirdest combinations to make snack foods now, when nothing was wrong with the old way.

Sweets Gift Box (Coconut Delight) - Another hard pass. I don't do coconut, no matter how many good things are with it and if it's in candy bar form.

Chocolate Chocolate Co (Artisan Truffles) - These were good, not great. I hoped they would be something phenomenal because of the name, but I honestly can make truffles at least this good if not better. Maybe I'm a chocolate snob, who knows?

Chocolate Chocolate Co (PB Marshmallow Bites) - We both tried these but I wasn't really a fan. The marshmallow wasn't very fluffy, the peanut butter was oily, it just wasn't my thing. Husband liked it but not enough to buy more of (if I could find them online).

A Couple of Squares (Bunny and Carrot Cookies) - These were super good! I love flooded iced cookies because the icing is alway so good and sugar cookies are almost always amazing. 

Overall, the box was okay. Nothing spectacular but not the worst snack/food box I've received...by a long shot. Still, I would definitely like to see more cohesion in future boxes.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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