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Thursday, March 16, 2017

BOOM!Box by Espionage Cosmetics - December 2016

What is BOOM!Box?: BOOM!Box is a quarterly subscription from Espionage Cosmetics. If you haven't heard of Espionage Cosmetics, it's a makeup/nail wrap brand all about nerdy things (comics, books, even the Federalist Papers). BOOM!Box is their subscription that includes nail art, makeup, and the other random goodies that fit in with their amazing themes.

How Much is BOOM!Box?: BOOM!Box is $30/box plus shipping ($6.95 for US, $13 for Canada, $18 for other select countries).

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The theme for the BOOM!Box December was Candyland and involved all things magical.

Love this box! 

Info card.

Apothecary Noir Lip Balm Duo (Cotton Candy/Chocolate Orange) ($3.50/ea) - 

Simply Mint to Be Scarf ($5.00) - It's cute but not my style. I tend to gravitate towards infinity scarves or at least longer ones, this is a little small and thin so it isn't enough to keep me warm. I passed this on.

Apothecary Noir Jawbreaker Bath Bomb ($6.49) - Bath Bombs aren't for everyone. Let me repeat that, they aren't for everyone. I don't take baths and get overwhelmed by the amount of these I use. I will break them up and use them as mani-bombs now and then but I really don't use them enough to warrant receiving so many. I passed on this even though it was sooooo cute!

Espionage Cosmetics Nail Wraps (Moar Dots/Oishii Treats) ($10.00/ea) - Sooooo adorable. I don't wear nail wraps consistently but I've been known to do so when I know I'll be away from my polishes for more than a few days so I can keep a consistent nail. I especially love Oishii Treats as a full mani and Moar Dots will be used longer term as an accent nail.

Truffle Cottage (Strawberry) ($10.00) - NOOOOOO. Leave chocolate to the chocolate, not to the flavored chocolate. I actually became a little ill at the scent of this. I don't really enjoy super sweet snacks or treats so I knew this was going to be an immediate pass as soon as I saw it.

Miss Mandible Designs Art Print ($3.50) - Such a cute print! I love getting these for my gallery wall I'm working on and this will contrast well with some I have with a darker theme. The quality is quite good and the colors are perfect.

The box was okay, valued at $44.99, not something that I fawned over but not the worst box I've seen either. I was hoping for something a little more...special but instead it was a little lackluster for the theme. After December the box went to quarterly but was delayed for February. At the time of writing this the box still has yet to come in or have any more information about when it will.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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