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Friday, February 24, 2017

TacPack - November 2016

What is TacPack?: TacPack is a monthly subscription box full of gun gear for shooters and gun fanatics. Each month may include AR15 accessories, knives, EDC tools, targets, patches, shirts, cleaning materials, and stickers. Each box will include 3-7 pieces each month. You tell them your shirt size and glove size, so there's a slight hint at what might be in boxes!

How Much is TacPack?: The subscription is currently $49.95. You can also purchase past boxes when they are available and even items from the past boxes or specialty boxes.

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Please, don't fear. The grenade isn't real (but I did have a minor WTF moment when I opened the box).

Info card.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Mug ($22.00) - I really love this mug but unfortunately for me, my husband also likes it. It's a really good size and holds more than enough hot cocoa! BRCC is a favorite of mine and I love having a mug to rep them!

ReadyMan Home Defense Hand Grenade ($25.00) - I wish I had a recording of my reaction when I opened this box and pulled this out. I had a split second of freaking out while trying to remain calm at the same time. Instead of blowing up, this makes a ridiculously loud noise and lights up to scare away intruders. I hope to not have to use this, more because I'm imagining the headache this would cause.

Nelson Precision Manufacturing AR.5 ($37.00) - It's a keychain...? A really expensive one that also opens your bottles. Obviously this is more of a funny thing just because it's a replica of an AR15 Lower but geez, no way would I spend that much for something so small and (maybe) useless. I commented that it would be more useful to hit someone between the eyes with if they tried to attack more than anything else (what I think about, obviously).

Burn Proof Gear Boot Laces ($30.00) - Absolutely not, I would not ever pay $30 for boot laces. I understand that these are supposed to be ridiculously strong and all but this is just a lot of money for fancy paracord. 

Exotac Polystricker ($13.00) - On the other hand, this is something I would spend money on. A good fire starter is worth the money and very handy whether you're just outside on a camping trip or trying to survive longterm outdoors.

This box was valued at $127 which is a great value but I did feel like a majority weren't particularly useful for the general public or were just overpriced. Regardless, my husband did really enjoy the box and that's all that matters in the end.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box! Is this something you would purchase for yourself or a family member? Let me know!

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