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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sparks Emporium Subscription Box - November 2016

What is Sparks Emporium Subscription Box?: Sparks Emporium Subscription Box is a monthly box curated by the owner of Sparks Emporium. This is a handmade jewelry company that also sells bookmarks, stickers, decals, and more! Each month has a theme that you can find out about on Instagram and Facebook but they do sell out quite quickly.

How Much is Sparks Emporium Subscription Box?: Each box is $23.00 plus $5.00 shipping for the US.

The shipping box. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect because this was brand new for the month of November and I was quite surprised to see such a large box.

Info card and business card.

Print ($5.00) - I love this print so much. The November box was Gilmore Girls, one of my all-time favorite shows, and this print is so gorgeous and wonderful. It's going to go great on my gallery wall.

Bookmark ($2.50) - I was Rory when I was in high school. I literally carried a book everywhere and I'm becoming that person again. This is my current bookmark and it reminds me so much of my roots, the perfect mix of the past and the future!

Keychain ($8.00) - A very cute keychain but it's not really my type of keychain. I love the dragonfly and it reminds me of my mom so I've been toying with the thought of taking off the other parts and just having the dragonfly as a keychain.

Babette Ate Oatmeal Studs ($11.00) - Too funny. These aren't the type of earrings I wear but they're too funny. I loved Kirk's observant t-shirts so this gave me a huge giggle when I saw it.

In Omnia Paratus Ring ($6.00) - While not my typical ring style, this is one that I would wear just to remind myself every day that I need to stop thinking as much about what I do and instead just do it. A good reminder of how short life is and something that makes me smile. Also, when the Life & Death Brigade rescued Rory in the Netflix reboot, I cried a little.

The Diner Wax Melt ($5.00) - The perfect mix of vanilla and coffee. It's currently in my (broken) wax warmer and I was melting it when my wax warmer melted. It smells just like a cozy coffee house and just warms up the room you have it in.

Wish Bracelet ($3.00) - If you don't know what a wish bracelet is, you are supposed to make a wish when you put it on your wrist and the wish might come true when the bracelet breaks. I haven't put it on yet, I don't like thinking of bracelets breaking and I have commit issues with it. Such a cute bracelet for this coffee lover, though (she says while she's drinking coffee and wondering if she should go downstairs and get a second cup).

This box was valued at $40.50, a bit over the $28 cost. I liked the box but it wasn't my favorite box of the month. I like the curation but it seemed like it missed a little, I was also confused with how big the box was but how small the items were. I like packaging to fit the items within well without having too much extra. 

My biggest complaint about this box is that it's not a monthly purchase and it's not well advertised on when the boxes go live. I actually missed the January, February, and March boxes because (yeah, the March box sold out before March was here and I reached out to the maker about this) there's not really any notification of the box going live. Facebook Pages/Instagram as a medium for conveying information is a terrible one at best and I don't like having to fight for information. I would have appreciated an email list that I could sign up for to specifically see when the box was available. The themes were good but I ended up deciding to not continue trying after December due to how difficult it is to get information on releases. 

As always, let me know in the comments what you thought of this box!

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