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Monday, February 20, 2017

Orglamix Glam Box - October 2016

What is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is a natural, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics line, and they decided to start a subscription box to try out their products each month! Each month will include 4-6 curated items and a $10 e-gift card to Orglamix! Also, for each box sold, Orglamix donates a meal to a child in need via Rice Bowls.

How Much is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is $29/month with free shipping. With longer subscriptions, you can either get one or two boxes free!

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This box smelled just like what the word Halloween makes me think it would smell like.

I love this box!

Info card.

Crushed Walnut AHA Body Polish (Blood Orange Mint) ($15.00) - I love blood orange and mint things so I knew this was going to at least be my scent bae. I do like body polishes and as someone with dry skin, it's good to help me get rid of the nasty dead skin. I don't use them too often because I've found it's made things worse but sporadically is always good.

Room Spray (New Moon) ($16.00) - I ended up giving this to my mom because she loved the scent. She said it reminded her of fresh rosemary so I was kind enough to share something (no joke, I share a lot. So. Many. Samples.). It is strong but not in an overbearing way, just strong enough to cover any less than pleasant scents that might linger (puppies).

Face Mask (Mugwort) ($12.00) - Apply with a cotton ball and you have a simple mask that you don't have to rinse off or bother with. I prefer masks that I can wash off because I already have to use moisturizer and a thicker primer because my face is pretty textured. I didn't dislike it, I just prefer my current masks.

Perfume Potion (Bonfire Alchemy) ($12.00) - I'm losing my love for rollerballs that are oil-based. Not because the scents aren't good but because I'm clumsy and I get oil on my clothes when I wear this. 

Mineral Eyeshadow (Smokin' Cauldron) ($12.00) - A blackened gold base with gold flecks. This is perfect for that outer corner to smoke out your look. It's elegant and dark at the same time and I love it.

Glitter Gloss (Spellbound) ($10.00) - If you use this, please be very careful. I wouldn't put it on my eyes or my lips for fear of glitter getting in my eyes or mouth. I would, however, put this on my cheekbones for a unique highlight.

Smokin' Cauldron, Spellbound.

This box was valued at $77, such a great value for this box! The items were all great and I love the slight spooky vibe. The boxes are all curated so well and I look forward to them each month!

As always, let me know what you think of this box in the comments!

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