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Sunday, January 8, 2017

TacPack - October 2016

What is TacPack?: TacPack is a monthly subscription box full of gun gear for shooters and gun fanatics. Each month may include AR15 accessories, knives, EDC tools, targets, patches, shirts, cleaning materials, and stickers. Each box will include 3-7 pieces each month. You tell them your shirt size and glove size, so there's a slight hint at what might be in boxes!

How Much is TacPack?: The subscription is currently $49.95. You can also purchase past boxes when they are available and even items from the past boxes or specialty boxes.

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I'm always interested to find out what will be in TacPack each month.

Info card.

GBA Patch (Priceless) - Yeah, interesting. This is another of their patches that are meant to go on gun bags/backpacks.

Trayvax Wallet ($20.00) - If you're a minimalist and don't want a big and bulky wallet this is a great option for you. Husband has to carry more than this in his daily life so it doesn't work for him daily but might replace his wallet he carries for when he's working internationally and doesn't have nearly as much stuff he has to keep on him.

Cittac EDC Beetle Buster ($20.00) - This is a good item to carry that can add weight to your punch, tighten nuts and bolts, and open a bottle, all in one. My only complaint is that this is most definitely made with men only in mind as there is no way I could put it on two of my fingers and use it tactically without causing more harm to myself.

Tactical Oatmeal Mag Carrier ($48.00) - Husband approved, carries a mag around. Great for your belt or to attach to a bag strap for quick access. Side note, this oatmeal/tan color is my favorite for guns/gun accessories so loving this!

BreakThrough Clean Battleborn ($13.00) - As husband says, he can always use more gun lube. I like that this has a syringe with a small applicator so you can easily control how much lube you disperse and where you put it.

This box was valued at $101, double the cost of the box. Husband was really pleased with the entire box and I love that it's comprised of the owner's favorites, it gives us an insight into what he uses day-to-day.

Let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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