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Saturday, December 3, 2016

TacPack - August 2016

What is TacPack?: TacPack is a monthly subscription box full of gun gear for shooters and gun fanatics. Each month may include AR15 accessories, knives, EDC tools, targets, patches, shirts, cleaning materials, and stickers. Each box will include 3-7 pieces each month. You tell them your shirt size and glove size, so there's a slight hint at what might be in boxes!

How Much is TacPack?: The subscription is currently $49.95. You can also purchase past boxes when they are available and even items from the past boxes or specialty boxes.

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Husband is always pleased when this box comes in, it's always something he's going to love!

Info card.

Breakthrough Clean HP Pro ($13.00) - It's gun lube, which is always handy to have in your kit. Husband hasn't used it yet so I can't attest to how good or bad it is but the price is really good for the size of the bottle!

Exotac Firesleeve ($15.00) - This is a really cool lighter (that you can replace) in a waterproof and floating case. Something like this is perfect for every go bag or just to keep with you while going camping.

America Grip Dagger ($26.00) - This is a multi-tool but not the traditional one, this is a special release and is small enough to fit in a pistol grip (if you have a storage grip). That itself is a pretty special and really cool to have. 

Kershaw EDC Pack ($40.00) - Your all-in-one pack for anything you might need. The knife is the best part of it due to it being assisted opening and it's handy to have yet another knife around. I'm always searching for one to open packages so the more we have, the less I have to search. Kershaw knives are always really great and the other items (mini tool, flashlight, and dog tag) are good extras.

GBA Sticker - A while back we received one of these but it was a misprint so they made sure to send the correct one.

This month's box was valued at $94 which is still really good for the price. The box didn't have a huge wow factor but including a Kershaw knife makes any box worth the cost!

Did you have a favorite item? Let me know in the comments!

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