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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Alpha Outpost - The Medic Review

What is Alpha Outpost?: Alpha Outpost is a monthly subscription that has each month centered around a different theme. For the first three boxes you receive, it will be their pre-set ones that they feel everyone should get (EDC, The Gentleman, and The Medic). Your first box is supposed to ship within two business days (mine actually shipped six business days later) with the second and third boxes shipping on the 8th of the following months (neither of mine did this, one actually shipped nearly a month late).
Starting with your fourth month and continuing, you will receive the current box and they will ship on the 28th. They do ship using Priority Mail, which means your box should get to you quickly. They have been having some issues with shipping but they have promised me they are working on making it better (they haven't yet as of 12/29). 

How Much is Alpha Outpost?: Alpha Outpost is $39.95/month with $6.95 shipping or $499/year with free shipping. Also, if you sign up for the yearly subscription you receive a bonus 'Swag Pack.' (We received ours about a week after ordering.)

In case you ever needed something to stitch you back up, here's your box!

Info sheet. The Medic box is all about what you will need in case of emergencies, including how to keep someone alive. It came with basic training on how to use these things as well, so you would have a grasp on how to use it if you had to.

Fracture Pack ($17.45) - Includes a splint, medical tape, and gauze. I love how everything is in its own pack so you can easily grab it out and use it. I didn't open the bag but I did check and everything is in there and there's enough for one use.

Profuse Bleeding Pack ($25.90) - Includes a swat-t tourniquet, pressure bandage, medical tape, gauze, super glue, and gloves. For use if someone has a nicked artery/vein, again with all of the necessary items to (hopefully) keep someone alive until EMTs arrive. 

Chest Wound Pack ($12.90) - Includes a chest seal, medical tape, gauze, and gloves. This isn't going to save a life but it's enough to try your hardest to keep someone alive until EMTs arrive. I like that they include just enough items but it's not so full that their packs won't fit in a bag.

Medical Shears, CPR Mask, Patch, Medic Bag (below) and Gauze ($44.20) - The gauze isn't listed on the info sheet but it's definitely something very handy to keep around. The shears are sharp enough to easily cut through tape and gauze easily, which I really like. They aren't the nicest pair but they are definitely above average.

Medical Bag - Big enough to hold all of the items that came in this box with a little bit of room to spare.

This box is valued at $100.45, more than double the cost of the box. I liked this box but husband wasn't a huge fan of it, he's more into boxes that have items that can cause the injuries that these items will fix. I'm the healer in groups (I was also Pre-Pharmacy before I got tired of not having spare time) so this was right up my alley!

Let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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