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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Alpha Outpost - The Gentleman Review

What is Alpha Outpost?: Alpha Outpost is a monthly subscription that has each month centered around a different theme. For the first three boxes you receive, it will be their pre-set ones that they feel everyone should get (EDC, The Gentleman, and The Medic). Your first box is supposed to ship within two business days (mine actually shipped six business days later) with the second and third boxes shipping on the 8th of the following months (neither of mine did this, one actually shipped nearly a month late).
Starting with your fourth month and continuing, you will receive the current box and they will ship on the 28th. They do ship using Priority Mail, which means your box should get to you quickly. They have been having some issues with shipping but they have promised me they are working on making it better. We have a year of boxes, so I hope so!

How Much is Alpha Outpost?: Alpha Outpost is $39.95/month with $6.95 shipping or $499/year with free shipping. Also, if you sign up for the yearly subscription you receive a bonus 'Swag Pack.' (We received ours about a week after ordering.)

I admit, I looked up what came in The Gentleman before this box arrived. It was what convinced me, along with the EDC Box, that this subscription might be worth it.

Theme card.

Info card.

De Espresso Liber Coffee (Peruvian Single Origin) ($9.99) - I cannot find this particular blend on the website, so I'm not sure if this is specific for this box or if it's just no longer available. The advertisement for the box stated that Black Rifle Coffee would be sent so to receive this seemed slightly deceptive. I spoke to customer service and they informed me their information needed to be updated and that this is the brand that will be received now.

Whiskey Stones ($11.99) - These are really cool, they are for keeping your whiskey chill without watering down but they actually work for any drink if you really want to use them. I love the little case as well, so that's a nifty inclusion.

Power Bank ($19.99) - I'm sorry, if you paid this much for such a small power bank, you need Amazon Prime. If you didn't already have a power bank it's nice to have to charge your phone on the go, but we have a much larger capacity one so this is just a backup one.

Field Note ($5.00) - This came without any packaging and so a few pages were torn and even more were damaged. A simple plastic sleeve would have cost almost nothing but would have saved this book.

Tactical Pen ($19.99) - I found this exact pen online for less than $10, so I have solid proof that they do over-inflate prices to pad their boxes. It's a cool pen, regardless, and it can be used as both a pen and a weapon (if necessary).

Steel Flask ($9.25) - Nothing screams being a Gentleman more than carrying your own flask. I do like that it's not just a plain flask but I feel like something a little less shiny would have been better.

Metal Comb ($5.00) - A comb is a comb is a comb. It's sturdy but not something to make me (or husband) thrilled. 

Whiskey Glasses ($8.00) - I do really like these glasses, but I wish they had been packaged. They were just put into paper thin cardboard boxes without any wrapping so I guess they keep their fingers crossed that nothing breaks. 

Black Tie ($7.50) - Strangely, husband didn't have a plain black tie before this, but he does now! It's a good quality, not something that's obviously expensive, but nice enough to wear to work or a night out.

Missing from my box was the Credit Card Knife. Considering how difficult it is to get customer service to respond, I wrote this off as a lesson learned.

The box is valued at $96.62 but a good few items were highly overvalued. I do feel like the box was worth the cost but just barely.

Let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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