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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pretty & Polished Partial Winter Collection 2016

Yes, ladies and gentleman, Pretty & Polished has released their Winter Collection for 2016. This collection actually released yesterday, so all 12 polishes are already available (I chose four to review, I will have links to other reviews at the bottom of this post to see everyone else's)! If you buy all 12 the cost is a discounted $90, or you can buy them separately! Dusty Cremes are $7.50, Crellies and Glitters are $8.50, and Multichromes are $9 if you buy them separately. Like always, you can use code 'rambling10' to get your discount!

Make sure you are following me on Instagram, videos showing off the color shifts as well as other photos will be shared there!

Like I mentioned, I chose four polishes to review! I chose Sleighing It, I Need a Taupe-ical Vacation, Yule Think Me Later, and That's Just Plum Dandy.

First up, Sleighing It. Sleighing It is a red to orange multi-chrome polish with a strong linear holo effect.

Bottle macro.

Nail macro.

Sleighing it is a holographic multichrome, meaning it changes the color you see depending on the lighting. Duochromes/multichromes work best in indirect lighting or shadows, which is the opposite of my typical lighting setup, which is why I have videos going up on Instagram to help show you what this looks like in varying lights.

More of a deep pink/magenta shows here with some orange on the side edge and tips.

Matte macro, even more of the different shades are evident here.

Matte, Sleighing it looks more like a vibrant sunset, with more of the colors but less of the holographic showing.

This gorgeous polish only took me two coats to be opaque and didn't take any extra effort to smooth it out. There were some minor brush strokes showing due to the metallic finish. It wasn't anything to cause issue and isn't noticeable unless you are really looking.

Yule Thank Me Later is a blue to green multi-chrome polish packed with golden shimmer and color shifting flakes.

Bottle macro.

Nail macro.

Because Yule Thank Me Later is a more extreme multichrome, the varying shades are more evident in any lighting. 

You can really see the olive green shifting to emerald to sapphire to a deep teal here.

The flakes pop under the macro lens!

The flakes add a wonderful 'something extra' with the gold/green shift, it adds a nice pop to an already gorgeous polish.

Yule Thank Me Later applied gorgeously, only taking two coats, and had no issues with needing smoothing. I didn't note any texture from the flakes and there weren't even any issues with brush strokes meaning it's absolutely perfect. 

That's Just Plum Dandy is a dark plum purple Dusty Creme.

Oh yes, the return of more of the Dusty Creme line!

That's Just Plum Dandy has the same smokey finish as the other Dusty Cremes, but it isn't as evident as the lighter shades are.

Matte, the polish is flattened and appears to be a typical matte creme polish.

I would call this polish a brown/purple that dries on its own to a satin/demi-gloss finish. I used three thin coats to get it to opacity and it dried extremely fast. Like all Dusty Cremes, it is the perfect cream finish to wear for a basic manicure or to be added upon for something fantastic.

I Need a Taupe-ical Vaction is a soft taupe Dusty Creme.

As if it needed to be proven more, Pretty & Polished does amazing things with creams. 

Look at the depth the Dusty Creme formula lends to what could otherwise be your run of the mill taupe.

The matte flattens, as typical, but you can still see some evidence of the depth. 

Two coats and it became opaque, and smoothed out easily. Such an easy application lends one to want all of the Dusty Creme line, which I highly suggest!

As I promised, here are links to other reviews with other polishes as well as more looks at these.

What was your favorite polish? Let me know in the comments! Also let me know what you decided to get!

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