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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Creme a la Mode - Summer 2016

Okay, this is super delayed. It's also a little weird because I started working on this with my old setup and then got sidetracked with things and then did the rest later on, thus a little bit difference in lighting and a lot difference in background. This is the Summer Creme a la Mode Box.

The Creme a la Mode Box is four makers that work together to bring cremes into our lives. Yeah, there are tons of boxes made up of holographics and other in your face finishes, but cremes are a finish that are difficult to perfect while still having the perfect formula, great color payoff, a lasting polish, and something to write home about. This polish box is all about doing that, and it's all from established brands. The box is quarterly and you just purchase it during the pre-order when that's open!

Included in the box is Indigo Bananas, Literary Lacquers, Digital Nails, and Octopus Party Nail Lacquer. All four were new brands to me at the time of purchase, so I was really thrilled to try this.

You, Me, and Daiquiri is a nearly white cream with the slightest peachy pink tint, making it not quite white. It almost has a greying effect over my nails, not sure if that's just my eyes or if it's a real thing, let me know what you think!

I really love how this applied, a lot of paler shades tend to need more coats. This one, however, was a two thin coat and ready to go. 

I feel like I can see more pink with the matte top coat, but at this point I was convinced my mind was playing tricks on me.

This was so quick and easy to dry/work with. I really liked the formula and would definitely recommend their cremes finish. I haven't tried other finishes of their's, but I am guessing that would be amazing as well!

Cyantifically Proven is a vibrant teal and is available for purchase still! It's such a gorgeous blue-green, wonderful for anytime of the year!

I would really love to see a full collection of this formula in varying shades, this was done so well that I think she would knock that out of the park! I used two thin coats, but one thicker coat would have worked just as well. 

I love it matte, it's just such a perfect color and it looks gawgeous glossy or matte.

I think this formula is wonderful, it's smooth and self-leveling. The color is lovely and just perfect. And surprise, I grabbed up quite a few more Literary Lacquers from a recent sale (not something that's done often so I jumped on it) and those will be reviewed soon.

I'm a bit confused about this polish, my bottle says 'Creme Blue Lei' but others have put it as 'Creme Bluelè,' so I'm not sure what to call this polish! Either way, this is the perfect light blue, almost cobalt blue.

I really, really love this blue. I'm a blue person (with a blue window) so a powerful punch of blue is definitely what I am about. It applied so great, two coats to opacity, and didn't have that weird smell that some powerful blues have.

I feel like more of the blue comes out and this looks more light blue under the matte top coat, so I definitely am a bigger fan of it with the glossy. Either way, you still are going to end up with a wonderful color, perfect for Spring and Summer!

This was another super easy to work with formula. I didn't have a lot of hassle with application and it smoothed out nicely.

Melonade is a two-coat neon watermelon that leans a little pink. It's deceptively bright, and gives off a wonderful day-glo effect in certain dim lighting (twilight/sunrise kinda lighting). Still available!

You have to admit, you were wondering if a pink was going to be in this box. Of course it was! What Summer box is complete without a blinding pink/coral neon polish?! This one is a doozy, and I love it!

I love it glossy, but matte is my thing. This one looks like a smooth velvet and it's just perfect. I cannot form the words at how much I really just love this polish and this would be another polish that I would love to see have its own collection of day-glo neons!

I really quite enjoyed this polish. It is easy to use and could have been another one-coater. And guys, it doesn't need an undie! This is straight polish and is perfect.

I really love this box idea and hope that it continues. I haven't seen anything for a fall or winter box yet, but I'm hoping this box continues. If it does, I will be sure to update this post with more information! Basic information, this box was $26 + shipping and shipped rather quickly once all four polishes were together, so that's always a huge win.

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