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Friday, November 18, 2016

Alpha Outpost - EDC Review

What is Alpha Outpost?: Alpha Outpost is a monthly subscription that has each month centered around a different theme. For the first three boxes you receive, it will be their pre-set ones that they feel everyone should get (EDC, The Gentleman, and The Medic). Your first box is supposed to ship within two business days (mine actually shipped six business days later) with the second and third boxes shipping on the 8th of the following months (neither of mine did this, one actually shipped nearly a month late).
Starting with your fourth month and continuing, you will receive the current box and they will ship on the 28th. They do ship using Priority Mail, which means your box should get to you quickly. They have been having some issues with shipping but they have promised me they are working on making it better. We have a year of boxes, so I hope so!

How Much is Alpha Outpost?: Alpha Outpost is $39.95/month with $6.95 shipping or $499/year with free shipping. Also, if you sign up for the yearly subscription you receive a bonus 'Swag Pack.' (We received ours about a week after ordering.)

First box, The EDC.

Info card.

EDC Go Bag ($60) - Of course, an Everyday Carry box requires a Go Bag. Husband really liked this one, including all of the places to attach things, and this almost became his carry-on bag for when he travels (it was beat out by a bag that has more places for pens to be held). The bag itself is pretty big and you could easily hold quite a few things that you would need for it to be your Go-Bag or you could make it just a backpack to carry your regular things.

Alpha Outpost Trucker Hat ($?) - This wasn't included on the info card, so I don't know if this was an accident or what. Either way, it's a pass, husband is really picky with hats and really doesn't like trucker hats. The hat looks cool, though, so it's going to a friend.

Foldable Tanto Knife ($45) - This actually came in the Swag Pack, so we have two of these. It was a little weird to get it twice, but I suppose you can't have too many knives. It's a sharp knife but it's not assisted opening so it hasn't been upgraded to husband's everyday knife.

Flashlight ($20) - This is a really good flashlight, it's actually the one that I use when I'm walking Trumpet at night. It's very bright and the beam can be changed from very small to quite large, so it's great for when I need to keep an eye on Trumpet outside (or the things that live in the woods while we're outside). I don't know that I'd pay $20 for it, but it's a really good flashlight regardless and husband says he would, which is what matters on these reviews.

Chapstick ($4) - Really cool thing to include, but it's not actually 'Chapstick,' it's just a peppermint lip balm that's Alpha Outpost branded. I like it, husband doesn't. I really like minty and tingly lip balms whereas he appreciates just your run-of-the-mill Blistex or similar non-tingly balm. Basically, MINE! :)

Alpha Outpost Patch ($3) - I showed this above on the backpack where it could go, but this could easily go on any bag. Patches are a common thing in EDC as well as shooting/gun collecting/etc due to how easy it is to differentiate your bags from another's just by what patches you collect. It's cool, and it's on the bag right now.

Paracord ($5) - Paracord is one of those really useful things when you need to tie things together, rappel off the side of a cliff, you know - the basics. Most EDC bags have Paracord in it and we actually have a 500' roll of it, but this is a nice addition to the bag because it's cut and the ends are well done, so it's great to throw in one of our bags.

Alpha Outpost Shot Glasses ($?) - Wasn't on the info card, don't think it was supposed to be in the box, was in the Swag Box we received earlier. Really cool addition and I love the colors, and now we have four of them!

Multi-Tool ($?) - Another item that wasn't on the card, probably wasn't supposed to be in the box, and we received in the Swag Box. Multi-tools are really useful for just about anything you could think of, either in your rifle bag for making adjustments or just to use around the house. It's really handy but we have a ton of these by now, however we will probably keep both because it's something that can be put in any bag and kept in multiple places in the house and always be useful.

Lighter ($?) - See above for all of the weird things that went on in this box. This is a really cool lighter, we now have two of them, and it's a refillable one so it will be useful for the long term. We don't use lighters (other than candle lighters) in the house, but I understand the usefulness of this item.

The value of this box is $137, which is triple the cost (minus shipping). I didn't include the value of the extra items because of my uncertainty of them being in the box for future customers. I also think you have to take into account that everything is Alpha Outpost branded, so values might be stated higher than what you would expect or would potentially pay. Regardless, the box is well over the value and all of the items were well made and functioning. Husband was pleased, that's all that mattered!

Let me know what you think of this box in the comments, would you purchase this for yourself or someone close to you?

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