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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Room with a View Review + GWP and Coupon Code!

Warning: Photo heavy.

Today, I have a new to me brand here, Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer. For today I have the Room with a View Collection for you guys!

Important information: The store opens tomorrow (11/28) with this collection available then. This is a preorder that starts 11/28 at noon est and ends 12/2 at 11:59 est. There will also be a Cyber Monday sale starting 11/28 at noon est and will end 11/29 at noon est. With code CYBERMONDAY, you will get 25% off all items (other than charity polishes) and orders over $50 after the discount will receive a free polish, shown below.

This collection is available in full size and minis. The full collection is $53 in full size and $28 in mini, plus shipping.

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The Room with a View is based on fall foliage, so, of course, I had to go outside and look at what my backyard had to offer this collection!

Light that Shadows in the Night is a sunny yellow jelly packed with gold ultra-holographic microglitters and red-bronze-copper UCC flakies.

Light that Shadows in the Night is $12 full size/$6 mini.

Nail macro.

Wowza, this is one of the prettiest microglitters I've seen in a while. Check out that huge copper flake on my pointer finger, I love it! So unique.

Look at all of the sparkle! 

Matte nail macro.

I love how the copper appears more obvious when matte, check out those straight copper lines.

I found a minimal amount of texture, even with all of the microglitters. Shown here is three thin coats, which may have attributed to the lack of texture on my end. I used a single coat of top coat and then added the matte for the matte photos.

Flaming Fields is a wine red with blue to gold to green shifting glass flecks.

Flaming Fields is $12 full size/$6 mini.

Nail macro.

I drooled over this polish. It's such a gorgeous deep ruby and I love the flecks.

The flecks seem to reflect less light appear more silver-y when glossy rather than the green and blue.

Matte nail macro.

Matte, you can see the green and blue, especially the closer you get or while outside. 

I really fell in love with Flaming Fields. I wasn't sure how it was going to look out of the bottle but it reminds me of the deep red lines in maple leaves when they fall. Shown is three thin coats and it became fully opaque. I didn't find any noticeable texture but used a top coat for effect as it dried to a less than glossy finish.

Every Moment Lasts a Day is a leaf green crelly packed with copper shimmer and gold microflakies.

Every Moment Lasts a Day is $8.50 full size/$5 mini.

Nail macro.

Holy crap, this is the exact shade of grass that I love. I couldn't have imagined to love a green like I love this one, but I do. 

The gold and copper flecks and shine look like the leaves as they are slowly turning once the first cold snap comes. 

Matte nail macro.

Matte, the depth is slightly lost but the copper and gold appear more linear. 

This is one of those polishes that you just immediately love it as soon as you swipe it on your nail, even if you aren't a green polish lover. Again, no noticeable texture with this polish. I used three thin coats for this polish as well. It does dry down to a matte finish so if you prefer glossy, you will need a top coat.

Clear My View is a bright pink with holographic microflakies and purple and aqua shimmers.  Dries to a satin finish.

Clear My View is $12 full/$6 mini.

Nail macro.

I die over the silver. It reflects blues and lilacs but they appear silver in direct lighting.

In the indirect lighting spots, you can see the blue and liliac.

Matte nail macro.

When matte, the shimmer is more evident in any lighting. There is more shown above as well as below.

I could see the reflects in the bottle but I wasn't sure how it would play out on nail, but it applied wonderfully. Minimal texture at most and it dried to a matte finish. While the pink is more powerful glossy, the shimmer works much better while matte.

Autumn Winds Blow is a pumpkin orange with red, gold, and green microflakies.

Autumn Winds Blew is $8.50 full size/$5 mini.

Nail macro.

This polish is a bit on the thinner side as you can still see a faint outline of my nail line. 

I love the gold shimmer, it's very reminiscent of the leaves in my yard right now.

Matte nail macro.

I admit, I'm not an orange lover. I feel like they look weird with my skin tone and it's just doesn't work. I do really love this orange as a polish shade and think it would look great on so many people, I just don't think it works on me (which is my own insanity, I know).

This is such a gorgeous shade for fall, I know so many people love oranges for just this very season! It applied easily and took three thin coats to this level of opacity with no texture. I think it would look better over an orange or white creme undie, but that's just my opinion. It dries matte, so have a top coat handy if you want glossy!

And that is the Room with a View Collection! But wait, it's not all. I also have the free polish with a $50 (after discounts, before shipping) below!

My Precious is a blue-leaning purple packed with silver and purple microflakies and green/gold/red shifting glitters in two sizes. 

My Precious is only available with a $50 purchase!

Nail macro.

I actually dropped my jaw while I was opening my package and saw this polish. It's so gorgeous and unique and interesting.

Look at the way the microflakies and the shifty glitters work together!!

Matte nail macro.

I just want to wear this polish and then go stare at it outside, am I the only one?

There was a bit of texture, just the slightest amount and very difficult to feel unless you are searching for it. I used two coats and it was fully opaque and gorgeous. 

Also, outside during dusk.

What do you think of the Room with a View Collection? Are you going to get it (hint, you should)? Let me know in the comments!

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