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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag - June 2016

 What is Rainbow Honey?: Rainbow Honey is a monthly nail polish subscription box where you get not only nail polishes, but you get random beauty things (soaps, scrubs, oils, etc) as well! There's a mini version and a full-size version, so you can choose how much you want. The bags are the same, but the mini bag has mini polishes while the full-size one has full sized polishes. There's also bigger extras in the full-size bag and sometimes there's an extra.

The polishes and products you get in the Mystery Bag are ones that will be debuted in future collections, so it's a great way to see what is coming up next!

How Much is Rainbow Honey?: Rainbow Honey is $11/month for the mini bag and $22/month for the full size. You also don't have to pay for shipping for the full-size bag. 

Click here to see past bags!

This is super late, I completely have lost track of time (or the month).

I love these bags, but I swear I have far too many of them at this point. What do I do with all of these bags?!

Strawberry Peach Sangria (Glitter Creme) - This cool, strawberry peach creme nail lacquer with holographic glitters and iridescent shimmer is a stunner on the beach or holding a glass of your favorite summer drink.
Strawberry Peach Sangria by Rainbow Honey

I wasn't sure about this when looking at it in the bottle. It looks really pretty but I wasn't sure how the pink would actually look on me. It also looked like a really thin formula when I was rolling the bottle around, so I was convinced it wouldn't work well. Surprisingly, it did work well for how thin the formula is and I only needed two thicker coats. There were bald patches with the first coat, which made the second coat the clean-up crew.

Melon Cucumber Breeze (Creme Glitter) - Our creamy melon cucumber nail lacquer is accented with glitters and shimmers to bring out the sweet breeze of this iconic summer essence.

Melon Cucumber Breeze by Rainbow Honey

I felt the same about this polish as I did about Strawberry Peach Sangria, and for the same reasons. It ended up working the same as the previous one but with a third coat to do the clean up for the bald patches. This does dry to a cream finish, but it needs a little more attention than a typical cream. Both required a two good coats of glossy top coat to smooth them out, due to the glitters.

Mai Tai Shea Butter Soap Bar - Formulated with our ultra moisturizing shea butter soap, our favorite soap bar features Mai Tai, a lush blend of island coconuts, pineapple, orange, and rum that will definitely take you away.
I love the scent of this. It's fresh and light, and who can say no to rum? I prefer to have this sitting out for decoration, just because it's too cute to ruin. I have used their shea butter soaps in the past and they are very moisturizing without leaving a residue, so I would expect this to be the same.

Strawberry Peach Sangria Perfume Body Mist - Enjoy our light and airy moisturizing body mist formula, formulated to refresh your skin and hair (alcohol and paraben free) with Strawberry Peach Sangria - Sweet and summery strawberries and peaches blended into a light Rose Wine so refreshing you'll feel like you're on vacation!
I don't know about spraying this on my hair, only because I any sort of added moisture will cause my hair to frizz immediately. I do love it as a perfume mist and it's great to spritz in the air to make a room smell great without adding too much.

Perfume Body Balm (Melon Cucumber Breeze) - Blended with the best oils and butters including vitamin E and shea butter, our signature perfume balm, featuring a new formula that's warm weather friendly, is scented with Melon Cucumber Breeze; the classic cucumber melon essence with a Rainbow Honey Twist.
Remember the Cucumber Melon scent from Bath & Body Works, this is that in a sold form. Rub it on your wrists and under your jawline and you will smell like the early 2000's all day long! I do love the scent and the nostalgia factor is just perfect.

If you haven't already signed up for Rainbow Honey, well I don't know why not! With their new rewards program, it makes it so easy to get discounts on everyday purchases as well as earn points just by subscribing or posting on social media! The June bag is awesome and the colors surprised me more than I'd like to admit!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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