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Friday, September 23, 2016

Lip Monthly - August 2016 + Coupon Code!

What is Lip Monthly?: Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription bag that focuses on lip products, bringing you the best lip products every month! Each bag guarantees a $35-$55 value with 4-5 products. Sometimes there will even be a non-lip product included!

How Much is Lip Monthly?: Lip Monthly is $12.95/month, and does get cheaper with longer subscriptions. The bag ships free worldwide, so no worries if you are international!

You can get 50% off your first bag with 50OFF or get three months free with an annual subscription, using code 3FREE.

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I admit, I looked at spoilers for this bag. Eek!

I'm not sure how I feel about this bag. I like the colors but the pattern just screams 'no.' Maybe for a month earlier in the year, maybe I'm just being weird.

Info card! One day cards will be straight, my dog won't want to go out as soon as I start painting my nails, and the Earth's rotation will switch.

Dual Color Stick (Tawny) ($15.00) - This is described on the website as a bronze with shimmer. These crayons are called dual color, meaning they can be used on your cheeks or your lips. Some of the other shades could be used as both but this definitely isn't what I consider a lip color or a cheek color. I feel like it's a great eyeshadow color, but I definitely suggest using a brush to apply (this is a really big crayon).

Priming Lip Wand (Tarte) ($24.00) - This is described on the website as a punchy peach, and I somewhat agree. This is more of a powerful pink than a punchy peach, but there is still some hints of peach in this. I would suggest a good lip pencil to pair with this because there was some feathering, not enough to make me say no to using it, though!

Vegan Berry Tint (Cherry Cream) ($18.00) - We just received this in the February Lip Monthly bag, and it's here again. Not cool, not at all. I did end up giving the first one to my mom but I ended up keeping this one and wore it in public! I loved it and it stuck around all day long, even through Dragon Con!

Ultimate LipLiner (Romantic Rose) ($19.00) - Romantic Rose must mean a deep mauve because that's what this is! I am going to have to look through my lip collection to see if I have a lipstick to wear with this because I really love it! It's great for fall or just if you want to have a deeper lip without diving too deep into the vampy trend!

Swatches L-R: Hikari, Manna Kadar, Seraphine, Lord & Berry.

This bag is valued at $76, which is great for the cost. I do think that having a duplicate so close to sending it the first time, but I can let it slide because I actually fell in love with it the second time around. I'm not a fan of the Hikari for its intended purpose, but that's more the fault of Hikari than the fault of Lip Monthly.

Let me know what your favorite product is in the comments!

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