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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

ipsy Glam Bag - July 2016

What is Ipsy?: Ipsy is a monthly subscription that sends 4-5 beauty/makeup products plus a different makeup bag each month. They also have a referral program where you earn points. Be sure to use your points within a year of earning them, though, because they do expire. They have expanded the points program to give you additional points by sharing your bag and following their content creators on social media accounts!

How Much is Ipsy?: Ipsy is only $10 per month shipped to the United States or $10 plus shipping ($4.95) to Canada. 

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A holographic bag, yes! It is very bright and definitely fun.

Love her look, not something that I would wear during the summer but definitely one I wish I could pull off.

Delectable Hand Cream (Lemon & Cream) ($6.00) - Ohmygoodness this smells absolutely amazing and feels so creamy. This is supposed to moisturize and nourish your hands and cuticles, and it definitely does that. It's a thicker formula but not quite a butter so it's still something to use throughout the day. I might have a problem, though, because I really just want to keep smelling it.

Mellow Baked Eyeshadow (Coco) ($8.00) - My first eyeshadow came in practically as a powder, but Ipsy was very quick to replace it and the second was perfect. This is a gorgeous light brown shade and applies super smoothly. I tried it dry and once I applied, it was there for the long run. Because it's a baked eyeshadow, it can apply both wet and dry to create whichever look you are going for.

Too Faced HangoverRx ($3.79) - Too Faced's new primer is just that, a water-based cream primer. It claims that it hydrates, smoothes, and brightens your skin, but I didn't really feel that. It does feel nice, but not any different than a similar primer. 

OFRA Lipliner (Silk) ($13.00) - Silk is a very light pink, almost to the point of a nude. It is in a traditional pencil stick, which I have found to be a little on the dry side and can pull a little if you are trying to apply too fast. I really love the color and actually didn't mind the application, it just needs a good moisturizing lip stick or gloss on top!

Luxie Brush (215/Small Angle) ($10) - A very thin brush, perfect for dip eyeliners. I have been loving getting all of the Luxie brushes in the past bags, so this is the perfect addition. I'm hoping this continues and I end up with an entire collection of these perfect brushes.

This bag was valued at $40.79, which is awesome for a $10 bag. I ended up loving all of the products, which is something that hasn't been happening recently. I realized I hadn't done my reviews for a few months, so hopefully getting back to doing them fixes my bags and makes them more perfect for me!

What was your favorite item in the bag, let me know in the comments!

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