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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Polish Review - le Polish Group Custom

Warning: This is a photo-heavy post.

It's time for a new group custom from le Polish, and this one is a doozy! This one is based on this gorgeous photo, and the maker did such a great job pulling inspiration from the entire photo! 

This polish is currently available now, but it's limited edition so it's only available for a short time! It's only available in full size, and you must be a member of the Facebook Group to be able to purchase it! It's listed at $101, because you have to get the discount code in the group to bring it down to $11!

le flame is a orange leaning coral crelly with purple and gold glitters, color shifting flakies, shimmer and micro-flakes. A little something for everyone!

First up, a Macro of the brush. le Flame presented a difficult combination of being a gorgeous polish and one that likes to change color when the lighting changes slightly. I'm being tested, I'm sure, but I think I did a great job at showing off the complexity of this polish!

The Macro of the actual bottle shows the more coral side of this polish. It shows more orange from further away, and the pink undertones show more brightly under outdoor lighting or low light.

le Flame is a gorgeous polish and it applies very well. It's a thinner base, so I used it over a white undie to make it opaque. With the white base, I still needed two coats of le Flame to show the color fully. 

I did add a glossy top coat to add shine and to smooth it out slightly. There was just the slightest amount of texture from all of the glitters, but it was easily evened out!

I can't decide which part of this polish I like the most, but I think it's the sheer amount of glitters to add to the complexity of the polish!

I couldn't let this go without making it matte first. I definitely am loving le Flame matte, but that might by my own matte bias.

Macros to show off all of the glitter! You can see all of the colors and shimmers of the glitters in this, and it makes me want to share this polish with everyone!

You will need to be a member of the le Polish Lovelies group to purchase this polish, but it's worth joining for future customs as well!
As always, let me know what you thought of this polish in the comments!

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