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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lip Love - June 2016

What is Lip Love?: Lip Love is a monthly subscription box by So Susan. Each month will include at least three full-sized products, one bonus makeup, and one bonus accessory. Each month you get a unique canvas bag as well.

How Much is Lip Love?: Lip Love is $20.95 (American) per month with international shipping available. I did have to pay a foreign transaction fee because they are located in the UK, so make sure you know that ahead of time. The bags get cheaper if you do longer subscriptions, so that's always great.

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I always am interested in see what comes in each Lip Love bag!

So Susan Makeup Bag ($12.00) - Still loving the bags, they hold up so well and have become a way to travel in style without fear of leaks!

Like last time, the card did come pretty damaged. That's just what happens when something comes from the UK to here.

Info card!

Tifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait (Exotic Fruits) ($18.00) - If you follow me on my personal Twitter, you might have seen my Rest In Piece tweet about this. While the lip stick still applies perfectly (seriously, why is it smoother than butter with a hot knife?), the actual lip stick falls out of the tube with little movement. This only means that I have to be more careful while using it, because I'm not going to stop! I love the pale pink shade and really want to try the other shades in this line!

So Susan Cosmetics Primer Powder ($22.00) - I've never tried a powder primer before using this, only the cream/gel ones. I thought this would be way too dark for me, but it works perfectly when you blend! (I hadn't blended yet in the swatch below.)

 Jelly Pong Pong Malibu Melt ($24.95) - Yay for a cream blush! I really love the color, it's a deep coral, but I think the container leaves something to be desired. I definitely will use it, but you can't directly apply from the tube to your cheek (or I couldn't, at least).

So Susan Cosmetics Muse Palette ($17.95) - Every monthly bag seems to be including a neutral mini palette recently. I don't dislike it, because it's great having options and seeing what different brands come up with! I really like how this one has very different shades of brown, but still shades that work together!

Swatches L-R: Lip Parfait, Primer Powder, Malibu Melt, Muse Palette.

The June bag is valued at $91.80, which is just awesome for the cost! I really liked this bag and think that the items work very well together, it could almost be a full face look with just these products!

Did you have a favorite item? Let me know in the comments!

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