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Thursday, June 2, 2016

RachhLoves Spring Favorites Review

What is RachhLoves Spring Favourites?: The RachhLoves Spring Favorites is a TopBox exclusive of some of RachhLoves' favorite products! I purchased at the end of April,  so the box now is just slightly different than when I grabbed it. Just as a head's up, TopBox also has a subscription box you can get each month!

How Much is RachhLoves Spring Favourites?: The box (tube?) is a one-time $19 and you get free shipping! This is also available in Canada, so there's some international love.

Definitely a great collection of some Spring goodies!

This particular box has a specific ship date, and it only took a few days once shipping to get here. Currently, purchases will ship on June 15th!

Info card (I did my best to straighten the card out but there's only so long you can try).

NYX Butter Gloss (Strawberry Parfait) ($4.99) - I LOVE NYX lip glosses, plain and simple. I love the color payoff and the general lack of stickiness. Strawberry Parfait is a color that I frequently purchase, therefore I already knew it would be used up quickly. I definitely suggest everyone trying out at least a few different NYX products.

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara ($8.12) - I read quite a few concerns about dryness on their website, which I found to be slightly the case. I cannot tell how much of it is dryness and how much is lack of product in the tube. For what I could try out with, there does seem to be only a bit of product that I could apply to my lashes. I also am not a fan of the container, the lid doesn't twist to open and it only pops directly off.

GlamGlow Flashmud Brightening Treatment ($21.48) - I will always take a GlamGlow product! Their stuff is so expensive (rightfully so) and I like being able to try out the different products GlamGlow offers and can usually not run out of these types of products through subscriptions! I love how this mask gets rid of the dead/dull skin and makes your skin look super youthful!

Delectable Everything Balm ($5.60) - When this says it's the 'Everything Balm,' it means it. This can be used anywhere from your face to your nails to your feet to easing bug bites, basically it's a huge all-in-one. I really like it as a lip balm and to put on the ends of my hair to help reduce/prevent split ends!

Essie Summer 2016 Minis (Viva Antigua & Loot the Booty) ($8.50) - This is the one thing that has changed from my April purchase to now. You only get one polish instead of the two, but you get one full-size rather than minis (and there are so many more choices). I had the choice between this duo or a pink one (if I remember correctly), so, of course, I chose blue! I love Essie polishes but don't feel like I have enough, so this was probably the deciding factor for getting this box.

This box (tube) is valued at $48.69, which is $20 lower than their estimated value on their website. That does concern me, mostly because that much cannot be variations between website prices for each item. I double checked everything and my math is correct for what I received, which is still well over the $19 I paid for this box.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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