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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ever After Monthly Box - May 2016

What is the Ever After Monthly Box?: Ever After Polish's Monthly Box is a subscription box with features something new from Ever After each month. Each box will include one full-size exclusive polish, one full-size bath product, and one mini bath sample and/or mini polish.

How Much is the Ever After Monthly Box?: The box is $14/month plus shipping ($4 for the US). The preorder is between the 15th and 22nd of the month, and the box ships out after that.

Instead of being a typical subscription where it is auto-deducted each month, you can either buy one box (during the availability time) or choose to be invoiced monthly. I, of course, chose the second option, so each month I receive an invoice and pay it through PayPal.

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Harry Potter themed boxes bring me life. Check out the bottom of this post to see the amazing extras for this box!

I finally received my ticket! Off to Hogwarts, I go!

Info card.

Expecto Patronum - a magical shade of sparkling blue.

Expecto Patronum is a denim blue base with holographic glitter as well as silver glitters. It is full coverage in two coats and does require a top coat to smooth it out, and it needed even more than the one coat I used to make it glassy smooth. 

I absolutely love this color, it's reminiscent of the blue Patronus from Harry Potter, and that's enough for me to love the polish.

Extras included Bertie's Bots Jelly Beans (no, I am not eating these because I have been burned on these too often as a child), Polyjuice Potion Cuticle Oil (Jojoba oil and Grapeseed oil), a Butter Beer Mani Bomb (in a shot glass, which is the cutest ever), and lightning bolt nail decals!

Overall, I really loved the May box from Ever After. The polish was absolutely gorgeous and I loved the extras. I wish I could share the mani bomb scent with everyone, it's so good and I'm holding off on using it because I just love the way it makes my room smell.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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