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Beautiful Madness Bookcase - Chapter One

Disclosure: This is a press sample. All opinions are my own.

What is Beautiful Madness Bookcase?: Beautiful Madness Bookcase is a brand new subscription box for book lovers like me! Each box will include a box, a snack & drink, extra goodies that are wearable/usable/displayable, and an insert card bookmark!

How Much is Beautiful Madness Bookcase?: Beautiful Madness Bookcase is $46.50 shipped with the price lowering with longer subscriptions. It is currently only available in the United States, but stay tuned to see if it becomes available in your country!

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I do, do you?

SinfulColors Kylie Trend Matters - Kool as a Kukumber

If you noticed in the mainstream polish world, recently SinfulColors teamed up with Kylie Jenner to create some polishes for the King Kylie Collection, which then caused multiple other collections. There were two different cycles of these, and I was (finally) able to find the Trend-Matters Matte collection. I had to go to multiple Targets to find the ones that I did get, so it isn't something that is easily found or found in all Targets. They are $2.99 here, but I'm not sure if that's a set price point.

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Kool as a Kukumber - Keep it kool with this pastel mint green shade. 

Kool as a Kukumber is considered a shimmer matte, which means there is a slight amount of shimmer in this polish. By slight, I mean almost none at all. It's a gorgeous polish, but you need intense direct light to see the shimmer. This is a true mint green, which I love, and it has this lovely hint of blue that sometimes peeks out!

Heather's Hues Cutie-cle Oil Review

I'm back, with shorter nails! I was having a string of bad luck with my old length, so I've shortened them some! Thanks to the product that I'm going to show you guys now, my nails have actually gotten much stronger and my cuticles look much more appealing than before. 

Heather's Hues is an indie maker for nail polish as well as top coats (this is the matte top coat I've been using recently and will be using from here on out) and hand/nail care products!

SinfulColors Kylie Trend Matters - Kold Kash

If you noticed in the mainstream polish world, recently SinfulColors teamed up with Kylie Jenner to create some polishes for the King Kylie Collection, which then caused multiple other collections. There were two different cycles of these, and I was (finally) able to find the Trend-Matters Matte collection. I had to go to multiple Targets to find the ones that I did get, so it isn't something that is easily found or found in all Targets. They are $2.99 here, but I'm not sure if that's a set price point.

The first I grabbed to show you guys is Kold Kash. As with all things Kardashian/Jenner, the names have tons of 'k's in them. 

Kold KashIf kash is king, this bright mint green shade totally rules.

I would not call this 'mint green' by any standards. I would describe this as seafoam leaning blue, and it's full of so much gold shimmer. The Trend-Matters Matte polishes are all matte finishes, so above is straight out of the bottle. I do love my matte polishes (or using a matte top coat), so this is an instant win.

Mixify Polish Review

This is something brand new to me, and yet so familiar. This is a do-it-yourself polish set from Mixify Polish! That's right, I tried my hand at making my own polish. This was so much fun to do, and you definitely missed out on the hilarity of my Snapchat story if you aren't following me! I did download it, so I'll upload it to Instagram if it's requested.

Info: Mixify Polish is a do-it-yourself polish creation set. You can purchase sets where you choose a color family or purchase a limited edition set. You can decide if you want glossy or matte, and even decide how many bottles you want to be able to make! Prices start at $24.95 but the sky is the limit on what you can add on to make your perfect custom polish.

My set is a press sample, so this is an example of what you could get!

Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag - May 2016

 What is Rainbow Honey?: Rainbow Honey is a monthly nail polish subscription box where you get not only nail polishes, but you get random beauty things (soaps, scrubs, oils, etc) as well! There's a mini version and a full-size version, so you can choose how much you want. The bags are the same, but the mini bag has mini polishes while the full-size one has full sized polishes. There's also bigger extras in the full-size bag and sometimes there's an extra.

The polishes and products you get in the Mystery Bag are ones that will be debuted in future collections, so it's a great way to see what is coming up next!

How Much is Rainbow Honey?: Rainbow Honey is $11/month for the mini bag and $22/month for the full size. You also don't have to pay for shipping for the full-size bag. 

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I know, I'm behind. I promise I'm catching up as fast as I can! 

Polish Review - le Polish Ex-Women Collection

Today, I have Ex-Women Collection by le Polish for you guys! This collection is inspired by the women of Xmen, and will alleviate any curiosity about what it would be like to date these women! Although gorgeous, the only place you will want these crazy exes is on your nails! I'm a fan of all things Marvel, so this was going to be a huge hit for me immediately.

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Important info: This is a five-polish collection that releases on June 24th at noon EST! It will only be available on le Polish. Single polishes are $10 for full size/$6 for minis. You can also buy the entire set discounted at $47.50 for full size/$28.75 for minis. This does not include shipping.

My review is with the mini bottles that le Polish offers. I know that sometimes there can be differences between minis and full-sizes, but I have not yet to have a problem using her mini bottles. They are just shorter versions of her full-size bottles with the same brush as well!

On to the polishes, and be forewarned that there are a lot of pictures!

Polish Review - le Polish Birthday Club Polish - Cancer + Giveaway!

Disclosure: Press Sample, all opinions are my own.

Warning: This is a photo-heavy post.

It's that time again, it's time for le Polish to release the next limited edition monthly polish! If you missed the polish for Gemini, you have until the 20th to grab it! The Cancer polish, A Little Crabby, is inspired by this image, which was voted on in the Facebook Group. Make sure to join to take part in the next voting!

Important info: This polish will be available on June 21st at noon EST on le Polish's website, and will be available through July 22nd. A Little Crabby is $10, or it will be free with a $10 purchase if you are in the Facebook Group and are a Cancer (make sure you are on the birthday list)!

Like last time, I'm giving away a bottle to one lucky reader! Check out the widget below for more details!

A Little Crabby is a purple crelly with magenta glitters and a gold shimmer. Purple means I'll instantly love it and gold shimmer means I will need it in my life forever.

Ever After Monthly Box - May 2016

What is the Ever After Monthly Box?: Ever After Polish's Monthly Box is a subscription box with features something new from Ever After each month. Each box will include one full-size exclusive polish, one full-size bath product, and one mini bath sample and/or mini polish.

How Much is the Ever After Monthly Box?: The box is $14/month plus shipping ($4 for the US). The preorder is between the 15th and 22nd of the month, and the box ships out after that.

Instead of being a typical subscription where it is auto-deducted each month, you can either buy one box (during the availability time) or choose to be invoiced monthly. I, of course, chose the second option, so each month I receive an invoice and pay it through PayPal.

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Harry Potter themed boxes bring me life. Check out the bottom of this post to see the amazing extras for this box!

Orglamix - May 2016 + Coupon Code!

Disclosure: This is a press sample. All opinions are my own.

What is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is a natural, vegan, cruelty free cosmetics line, and they decided to start a subscription box to try out their products each month! Each month will include 4-6 curated items and a $10 e-gift card to Orglamix! Also, for each box sold, Orglamix donates a a meal to a child in need via Rice Bowls.

How Much is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is $29/month with free shipping. With longer subscriptions, you can either get one or two boxes free! If you use code SWEET30, you get 30% off your first box!

To see my other review of Orglamix, click here

I was super excited when I saw another Orglamix box in my mailbox. Their boxes are always well-curated and the products are the perfect addition to the makeup items they send. 

Pretty & Polished Beauty Box - July 2016

Disclosure: This is a press sample, all opinions are my own.

Warning: This is a photo heavy post.

What is Pretty and Polished?: Pretty and Polished is an indie nail polish brand that also sells bath & body products, nail vinyls, and this Beauty Box! This is a box that you get to choose which months you want to get, rather than a subscription that you have to cancel or skip. Just remember to buy it each month if you want to continue!

How Much is Pretty and Polished Beauty Box?: Pretty and Polished Beauty Box is only $22.00/month! Each box contains a coupon that could be 10% off or $5.00 off to use in the store as well, which means you can get more polish and products from this amazing maker. You can buy for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months at a time, and the boxes are cheaper at 6 months!

If you want to see other reviews of Pretty & Polished, click here!

It's time for another Pretty & Polished Beauty Box. My first polish from this wonderful brand was actually the July Beauty Box from last year when I wasn't nearly as skilled with nails and photography as I currently am. ;)

Play by Sephora - May 2016

What is Play by Sephora?: Play! by Sephora is Sephora's own monthly subscription box! Each month will include five deluxe samples plus a fragrance sample, all coming from the same brands that Sephora carries! Each box also includes a Play Book (tips and tricks) and a Play Pass (a one-on-one tutorial at Sephora and a bonus 50 points with purchase).

How Much is Play by Sephora?: Play by Sephora is $10/month plus your state's sales tax (if a Sephora is in your store). It ships for free but only to the contiguous 48 states.

I was able to get a subscription during April, but it did take inputting five different email address before one was finally let in. Play! is still running on a waitlist, so you will have to sign up and wait for either a spot to open or when they open the list for a few hours again.

Polish Review - Ever After 2 Peace in a Pod

Today I have just a single polish to show you guys, but it's a doozy. This polish is from Ever After Polish (I have been reviewing their monthly box recently) but I knew I had to grab this polish up as soon as I saw it! If this polish looks familiar, it might be because this is actually a dupe for YSL's Peace Green. It has never been in stock while I was looking on their website, so I was glad that this was created.

This beauty is 2 Peace in a Pod!

Lip Monthly - May 2016 + Coupon Code!

Disclosure: This bag was sent to me in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

What is Lip Monthly?: Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription bag that focuses on lip products, bringing you the best lip products every month! Each bag guarantees a $35-$55 value with 4-5 products. Sometimes there will even be a non-lip product included!

How Much is Lip Monthly?: Lip Monthly is $12.95/month, and does get cheaper with longer subscriptions. The bag ships free worldwide, so no worries if you are international!

You can get 50% off your first bag with 50OFF or get three months free with an annual subscription, using code 3FREE.

Check out past reviews of Lip Monthly here!

This month's bag barely got here in time for May. I'm not sure if there was a hold-up, but I was still very excited to see my bag in the mailbox! Swatches are near the end of this post!

Lip Love - May 2016

What is Lip Love?: Lip Love is a monthly subscription box by So Susan. Each month will include at least three full-sized products, one bonus makeup, and one bonus accessory. Each month you get a unique canvas bag as well.

How Much is Lip Love?: Lip Love is $20.95 (American) per month with international shipping available. I did have to pay a foreign transaction fee because they are located in the UK, so make sure you know that ahead of time. The bags get cheaper if you do longer subscriptions, so that's always great.

See past Lip Love reviews here!

Another month for Lip Love. After last month's wonderful bag, I knew I had to continue getting it!

RachhLoves Spring Favorites Review

What is RachhLoves Spring Favourites?: The RachhLoves Spring Favorites is a TopBox exclusive of some of RachhLoves' favorite products! I purchased at the end of April,  so the box now is just slightly different than when I grabbed it. Just as a head's up, TopBox also has a subscription box you can get each month!

How Much is RachhLoves Spring Favourites?: The box (tube?) is a one-time $19 and you get free shipping! This is also available in Canada, so there's some international love.

Definitely a great collection of some Spring goodies!

LaRitzy Box - May 2016

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

What is LaRitzy Box?: LaRitzy is a monthly subscription that sends you 4-5 full-size and luxury size products each month, with all products being vegan to help you transition to a vegan lifestyle. 

How Much is LaRitzy Box?: LaRitzy is $24.99 a month. I strangely was charged with an international transaction fee, which was very bizarre considering this is a box from the US. Each box has a guaranteed value of $60+ with some boxes having a $100+ value.

There is also a LaRitzy mini box that is $14.99/month that sends 2-3 products each month. 

I was overly excited to get my first LaRitzy! I actually purchased this mid-April but the first box didn't ship until the May boxes came around. Waiting for that is the biggest buildup possible.

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