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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lip Love - April 2016

What is Lip Love?: Lip Love is a monthly subscription box by So Susan. Each month will include at least three full sized products, one bonus makeup, and one bonus accessory. Each month you get a unique canvas bag as well.

How Much is Lip Love?: Lip Love is $20.95 (American) per month with international shipping available. I did have to pay a foreign transaction fee because they are located in the UK, so make sure you know that ahead of time. The bags get cheaper if you do longer subscriptions, so that's always great.

I ended up switching up subscription boxes and thought that Lip Love would be a fun one to try out! Let me know if you have received it in the past and what you think.

I ordered this bag in the middle of April thinking I wouldn't get a bag until May, but I received April's and it came within a week of being shipped. That's amazing for being in the UK and in the middle of the month!

I love this bag so much! It's so much bigger than any of the other bags I get in monthly subscriptions and it is lined so there's less chance of making a mess when something inevitably spills. The bag value is included in the value of the bag, so this bag is valued at $12.

My card came slightly damaged, but that is expected when a bag is crossing an ocean in a shipping bag, not box. 

The April bag is I Love Spring! While I don't love Spring at all (allergies, not fun).

Swatches of all products are at the end of this post!

Lip Parfait (Exotic Fruits) ($18.95) - This is a very light pink/peach lip stick. It's very creamy and rich and stays on well without a primer or any extra attention. It's a little too light for my skin tone (it just washes me out), but it's a nice base to make a lip gloss pop! I also love the packaging, it's too adorable!

Powder Perfect ($22.00) - This product actually isn't listed on the information card, so I think it was a replacement for the Illuminata listed on the card. I have contacted So Susan but I haven't heard back yet. When I opened this, I was convinced that it was going to be far too dark for me. I was wrong! It almost entirely blended in with literally no effort. It's a good primer that controls oil, gets rid of pores, and is SPF 15. This product came just at the right time!

Malibu Melt (24.95) - Look at that pop of color! It looks much pinker in the tube than it actually is on the swatch. It's another product from Jelly Pong Pong for me, which is turning out to be a stellar brand to try out, and this is a multi-use product. It can be a cheek color or used on lips, and it blends out nicely for a natural look!

Muse Palette ($17.95) - Just in case you needed a simple eye shadow palette with your basic neutrals, here's one in travel size. I am actually going to throw this in my bag because I've been needing a new look to keep on hand. It's small enough to be used for travel but it has enough product to last!

Swatches L-R in order of review.

My numbers add up to $73.85 without the bonus item (is it really a bonus if they are adding it to the value of the bag?) or $95.85 with the bonus item. I definitely think my first month with Lip Love was a good one. I would have appreciated a head's up if they were replacing an item but I understand that it was done due to my subscribing late. I hope that replacements don't happen again, though, because that would become bothersome.

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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