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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Orglamix Glam Box - March 2016 + Coupon Code!

Disclosure: This is a press sample. All opinions are my own.

What is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is a natural, vegan, cruelty free cosmetics line, and they decided to start a subscription box to try out their products each month! Each month will include 4-6 curated items and a $10 e-gift card to Orglamix! Also, for each box sold, Orglamix donates a a meal to a child in need via Rice Bowls.

How Much is Orglamix Glam Box?: Orglamix Glam Box is $29/month with free shipping. With longer subscriptions, you can either get one or two boxes free! If you use code GLOW, you get 50% off your first box!

I absolutely love how this was displayed. Everything has its place and the packaging is perfect for keeping everything where it should be!

No clue who the girl on the front of info card is, but I love her hair!

Info card. 

Essential Oil Rollerball (Lucky Chick) ($18.00) - I admit, I wasn't a big essential oil girl until recently, but man I've fallen in love with using them. Lucky Chick is blend of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, and wintergreen, which may or may not be my favorite scents. (Hint, they are!) Not only are these oils a great way to make you smell amazing, they are said to attract good luck!

Aromatherapy Balm (Lime) ($6.50) - I am a huge fan of lip balms, my lips seem to get chapped super easily so I'm always using them (and therefore always run out). This one smells great, very citrus-y and just like limes, and it does such a good job moisturizing. 

Lip Scrub (Shamrock Shake) ($12.00) - I'm not sure if it's just me, but this reminds me a lot of the old Shamrock Shakes from McDonalds, but not nearly as unsettlingly sweet. I get a ton of lip scrubs, and they are always welcome. I make sure to apply it just every few days, just so my lips don't become raw, and always moisturize after!

Glitter Pigment (Pot of Gold) ($10.00) - The info card says this can be used on eyes or your body, but I always suggest being very careful if you use any glitters near your eyes. I do love this for a splash of shimmer in your hair or on your arms! 

Cream Shadow + Liner (Catch a Leprechaun) ($18.00) - A cream product that can be used as an eye primer, a cream shadow, or as a liner. Catch a Leprechaun is a deep olive green/brown. I was very confused when I first started swatching this, as it's not very dark with just a basic application. This swatch is three coats, but it worked so well with a liner brush that I think I would prefer this more. A major plus of this product is that it's infused with coconut and avocado oils, so it helps reduce wrinkles!

Pure Mineral Eyeshadow (Eye-Rish) ($12.00) - Eye-Rish is a forest green with lighter green and light brown shimmer.  It applies smoothly and sparkles just like a jewel.  This eyeshadow took almost no product to apply and it looks perfect.

Pure Mineral Eyeshadow (Limerick) ($12.00) - Now isn't this eyeshadow the perfect color for St. Patrick's Day. That's the idea behind the box, and this shadow is 100% perfect for it. This is a lime green eyeshadow that leans just the slightest bit sea foam and has lovely green sparkles. It applied just as perfectly as Eye-Rish and looks just as great!

The March Glam Box from Orglamix is valued at an astounding $88.50. I double and triple checked, because I just didn't believe this much could come from a $29 box - but it did! The products were wonderful and the box was very well curated.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments! 

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