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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Polish Review: Faeries & Folklore For Your Wooing Pleasure Collection

Disclosure: This is a press sample, all opinions are my own.

If you were missing a new release from Faeries and Folklore, wait no longer! This is the For Your Wooing Pleasure, and it releases this Friday (March 25th)! I know you have all been looking forward to the new collection after the amazing St. Patrick's Day Trio, so I won't make you wait any longer!


First up is Charmingly Charismatic, which is a pale yellow shimmer with green shifting duochrome flakies and silver holographic microglitter.

This polish looks just slightly green, but that's the flakies reflecting the green into the yellow. This one does require a bit of building to become fully opaque (which is how I prefer my polishes). The swatch above is three thinner coats with one coat of glossy top coat!

You can definitely see the flakies in the macro shots, and there are tons of them! I love the slight bits of silver glitters, it's something different that I have not found before!

Next is Enchanting Entrancement, a lavender leaning silver polish with fuchsia and copper duochrome flakes, and more silver holographic microglitters! 

This is super silvery with the more sun you get, but I tried to get a good in-between shot. I love how the whole polish changes from when you go out to when you go back in!! This one also required three coats to become fully opaque, but it's worth the work! I added a glossy top coat to add some shine!

The flakies are so cool, I love how they add color and texture, but it's not too overwhelming on the actual polish color.

Of course there had to be a true green, which is Selectively Seductive. This is a green shimmer with a green shift (I think it leans a bit seafoam green), copper duochrome flakies, and silver holographic microglitter.

I wasn't sure how to possibly get all of the different shades of green in this polish, but here's what I came up with! It definitely leans a bit yellow in direct light, but you can see the blue hints in natural light! Such an awesome polish, I used two coats in the swatch plus a glossy top coat!

The copper flakies was the perfect choice. They create a very unique look and strangely match regardless of which light you are in.

Finally is Valiantly Visionary, a pink polish with a blue shimmer, flakies in fuchsia, blue, and green, and more silver holographic microglitters!

This is my favorite polish of the set, for sure! I love how the blue and pink look so wonderful together, and the myriad of flakie colors just tops it off perfectly! This one was also two coats with one coat of glossy top coat! 

Check out all of these flakies in this polish! It's too gorgeous, I feel like I need multiples of it!

I think this collection is awesome! The polishes all complement each other nicely and I love all of the flakies! Like I mentioned before, this collection comes out Friday (March 25th), so make sure to grab your polishes! Join the Facebook Group to see more polishes that are coming out as well as the other swatches.

Let me know which polish you want (or polishes) and let me know what you thought of this review!

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