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Monday, February 29, 2016

Polish Review - Pretty & Polished Cancer Awareness Set

Disclosure: This set was sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

If you thought Pretty & Polished wasn't coming out with tons of new polishes, you would be so wrong! All four polishes in the Cancer Awareness Set is located in Pretty & Polished's Charity section, so make sure to grab your polishes! 

A portion of the sales from these polishes goes towards raising money for the Cancer Care Packages as well as Little Red Door! Read more about this project here and make sure to check out my past Pretty & Polished reviews!

Now, let's get to the gorgeous polishes!

First is March With Me is a medium/cereulean blue that's packed full of holographic glitters! I'm such a fan of blue polishes (have I said that enough recently?), so of course this one is my favorite of the set! It applies so nicely and looks wonderful on.

Check out the holographic showing through! I could not get it to focus on this, which sucks for my photography skills but I love how it looks unfocused.

March With Me applies like a jelly, so you do get some of the squishiness that comes with a jelly polish. It also allows for all of the holo to show through, which looks amazing inside and outside! Shown is two coats of March With Me with one coat of glossy top coat.

Next we have No One Fights Alone is a pale green creme (perfect for Spring!) with green and multichrome flakes. This polish is easily a combination I've never seen before, and it's utterly amazing. I am not always the biggest fan of greens, but my eyes are slowly being opened. I'm definitely finding more pale polishes to wear for the Spring, and I might even follow a few trends this year! 

Look at all of those green flakes in the bottle! It's not like P&P thought to put a few in the bottle, it's literally packed with flakes! 

No One Fights Alone is a true creme, therefore it does become fully opaque very easily. Shown above is two coats with one coat of glossy top coat. All of the flakes show up nicely and no problems with a fully manicure showing them off!

#Unvanquished was a polish specifically requested to commemorate a fight with leukemia, which is just wonderful! #Unvanquished is an orange holographic glitter, and man is it full of holographic! 

Just look at all of the holographic in this polish. There is just so much, you know it's going to be amazing when you're wearing it!

Like March With Me, #Unvanquished applies like a jelly polish! The way it layers does a great job showing off the multitude of holographic that is in this polish. Shown above is two coats of #Unvanquished with one coat of glossy top coat. It's such a gorgeous polish, and I had a mini-entertainment session reflecting the light off of my nails and onto the walls.

Last up is Chemo Grad. Now with such a name, you know it's got to be a party in a bottle and nothing less! Chemo Grad is a glitter topper that is just full of glitters! You can easily see large and medium glitters in green, blue, purple, yellow, and pink! Basically, it is a true party!

Check out all of the glitters! Chemo Grad is obviously a glitter topper, so you get to choose what color (or colors) you want your undie to be!

I thought I would try it over a nice black, so here it is! I used two coats of Chemo Grad, that way there was plenty of glitter all over! I was going to put it over white, but apparently my white polish has gone missing. To see what Chemo Grad looks like over white, check out Monis Manis and her review of this set! 

I absolutely loved this set. The meaning behind it is wonderful, the names are spot on, and I love the how bright and fun the colors are. Like I mentioned before, these four polishes are found in the Charity section. They are $8.50-$9.00 each, and there's no reason to not get these! 

As always, let me know what you thought of these polishes in the comments!

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