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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Polish Review - Faeries and Folklore Duo + Group Custom

Disclosure: These polishes were sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Faeries and Folklore is a very new indie polish brand, and I have quite a few polishes to show off that she's releasing soon and in the near future! For today's post, there are three polishes to show off, but make sure to check back next week to find more polishes to fall in love with! 

First up is the Some Kind of Equestrian Duo! This duo releases tomorrow, so be sure to grab it! Right now, it's not limited edition, but you will want this on your nails as soon as possible. The duo is $16 for both or $9.50 each.

Some Kind of Equestrian Duo consists Unicorn Uniform and Kelpie.

Kelpie is a great matte black. It's a one coat to opaque and dries so nicely. Kelpie is the a great polish to have, for a base of nail art or to show off different top coats. I like it for those, but I love it because it looks so nice alone! It reminds me of my teen years, where black was one of my favorite colors and I loved black polishes. 

Brush shot.

Macro bottle shot (I know it's not necessary, but look at how black the polish is!

Check this out, it's fully opaque and this is just one coat! I didn't add any top coat, so this is it just out of the bottle. I love that it's so dark and that it looks so smooth, and it didn't stain! Staining is always one of my biggest fears with dark or bold colored polishes, so I was so happy that this one didn't!

Up close of Kelpie!

Unicorn Uniform is such an awesome holographic top coat! As you can see below, it's a ton of holographic pigments in, so it's great for over a dark polish (perhaps, Kelpie). I used two coats to make sure there was plenty of gorgeous blue and purple holographic-y/glitter all over my nails!

Brush shot.

Macro bottle shot.

Check out just how gorgeous Unicorn Uniform looks over Kelpie! Like I said before, this is two coats. It could be a full coverage, but that would take so many coats and I really love the way it looks over Kelpie!

Up close of Unicorn Uniform over Kelpie!

Next is a custom for the Facebook Group only, so make sure you join the group to have access to this custom as well as others in the future! This polish is called Crazy Cat Lady, and it's definitely for those that are cat ladies! 

CCL is a glitter bomb with so many types of glitters in it, it's impossible to describe. 

Brush shot. It shows a few of the glitters in this polish!

Macro bottle shot.

Crazy Cat Lady over Kelpie. I thought, why try to polish over my bare nail where some colors wouldn't show when Kelpie is so perfect to show it. In the swatch, you can see just how many kinds of glitters are in it, and you can even see the cool cat shaped glitter as well as a mouse shaped one!

Up close of Crazy Cat Lady over Kelpie!

If you are interested in the Some Kind of Equestrian Duo, that will be available tomorrow on Faeries and Folklore! Crazy Cat Lady will be as well, but you will have to be in the Facebook Group to be able to purchase it (there is also a coupon in the group for this custom, so you will really want to join!

Make sure to check back next week to find out what the next polishes that are available from Faeries and Folklore, because you will definitely want to see what else she has crafted!

As always, let me know what you think of these polishes in the comments!

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