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Friday, February 5, 2016

Polish Review - Cinema Swatch Lacquers Gilded Collection

Disclosure: This collection was sent to me in exchange for a review.

Warning, this post is picture heavy!

Well, it's that time again. Time for a polish review. This one is for a full collection that I have to review for you! Cinema Swatch Lacquer is a brand new (to me) brand that I've already fallen in love with! If you checked out my Instagram this week, you will already know what this collection is about! For you today, I have the Gilded Collection! This is the newest collection by Cinema Swatch Lacquers!

Hello! Great packaging always cheers me up and makes me even more excited!

I posted this mini photoshoot, just because the packaging was so cute and I had to show it off before I tore into them! 

The Gilded Collection is available through the 14th for the pre-sale discount! Under the pre-sale discount, the full collection is $44 for the full size bottles (11ml) or $30 for the midgies shown below (7.5ml). If you want individual polishes, they are $8 for full size or $5.50 for midgies!

The full Gilded Collection is six gold encrusted cremes! 

Grey Gardens is a must have for all neutral polish lovers. We've laced this pebble shade with gold flake and refleck.
Every polish collection has to have a gorgeous grey. I love how it's the perfect neutral for a day look and can work for jobs that require more toned down colors, but it still has a bit of fancy with the gold flakes! 

Two coats of Grey Gardens with one coat of gloss top coat.

Frightened Bunny was originally part of the LE Satin duo from our Moulin Rouge collection. This white cream has beautiful gold flake and sparkle throughout.
Oh my, check out how tan I look! I don't have a lot of white polishes, but I'm not sure why! The gold flakes in this one just make the white pop even more, and it looks amazing! And seriously, wearing this polish makes me feel so boss!

Three coats of Frightened Bunny with one coat of gloss top coat.

Cupcake is a playful pastel pink, loaded with gold flake and refleck. Who wouldn't love to be served this delicious polish?
No collection is complete without a great pink! Pastel pinks are typically ones that I'm afraid to try, but I love that I have been proven wrong. This is definitely a true baby pink and the gold flakes definitely make it a fancier pink!

Three coats of Cupcake with one coat of gloss top coat.

Mint to Be is a soothing pastel green that's the color of ice cream, turned sophistication with the addition of gold flake and refleck.
I'm a HUGE fan of greens, so a mint green was definitely going to be a hit for me. It reminds me just of the ice cream (which makes my sweet tooth hit just a bit) and the gold works perfectly.

Two coats of Mint to Be with one coat of gloss top coat.

Faberge is our take on a royal purple pastel, with the beautiful gold flake and refleck that is the Gilded collection signature.
With a name like the Gilded Collection, of course there had to be a royal purple! The way that the purple works wonderfully with the gold makes me feel like royalty. A purple will always be an amazing purple!

Two coats of Faberge with one coat of gloss top coat.

Versailles has been a favorite here at CSL since its debut with the Marie Antoinette collection. A robins egg blue with a slight antique tone, it has beautiful gold flake and refleck throughout.
I immediately was drawn to this polish. If you could see my polish collection, you would realize my blue obsession is a bit overwhelming. Luckily, this blue fits in perfectly and brings something very different to the collection!

Two coats of Versailles and one coat of top coat.

All six polishes in the Gilded Collection have the signature gold flakes and refleck, and all are full coverage creams. They are wonderful pastels plus two amazing neutrals. The gold flakes definitely fit the name of the collection and I think that all six work perfectly together. 

Macro shots to show the amazing gold flakes!

Overall, this collection has instantly made it difficult to find another collection I will love more for 2016. Creams will always be my favorite finish, solely due to how they can work with anything and can be used alone or with glitters to make them even more amazing. They all applied perfectly, like they didn't have the flakes in them, and they leveled very easily. As I stated on Instagram, they made me look tan, so that's an added side effect for those of us on the pale side.

As I said previously, these six polishes are all available currently in the pre-sale through the 14th and they will ship 7 days after the pre-sale is over. If you can't get them now, don't fret! The regular release starts on the 14th! During regular release, the full set will be $48 (full size) and $34 (midgies), while individuals will be $8.50 (full size) and $6 (midgies).

As always, let me know what you thought of these polishes in the comments!

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