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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NeverEnding Fairytales - January 2016

What is NeverEnding Fairytales?: NeverEnding Fairytales is a monthly subscription box by the indie polish maker, Fairytale Finish. Each month has its own theme and comes with one or two polishes (depending on what you choose) and sometimes extras! Not only can you get your subscription fix from Fairytale Finish, but she also makes gorgeous polishes and top coats!

How Much is NeverEnding Fairytales?: With Fairytale Finish, there's two options when you start your subscription! You can choose to get one polish ($11.00/month) or two polishes ($18.00/month). There is also the option to get longer subscriptions here and the subscription becomes cheaper at six months.

The price did go up by $2 on either option, due to USPS raising shipping costs. 

If you want to see past months, click here!

As always, handmade with love!

The theme was actually one submitted by a member of the Fairytale Finish group on Facebook. I haven't found out if the future bags will incorporate the other themes submitted, so here's to finding out!

Treasures Untold is a lovely grey creme base with varying sizes of silver and grey glitters. This is the color of the dinglehopper from The Little Mermaid, which is a cute idea. I love the base color, but the glitter pieces overload just a bit. I would fall in love over a creme of just the base.

Two coats of Treasures Untold with one coat of top coat to smooth.

Wish I Could Be is a good polish to describe The Little Mermaid. The bottle shot actually looks like there are fish and corals in the ocean, which is pretty cool. It's a good blue creme base with too many colors to list of glitter pieces in it. It's lovely in the bottle, but seems a bit lost on the nail. If the glitters could be placed after the blue base had been applied, the bottle look could have been replicated so amazingly!

Two coats of Wish I Could Be with two thinner coats of gloss top coat to smooth.

Decals from Lou It Yourself

In theory, I loved the theme. It wasn't the one that I submitted but I was definitely looking forward to the theme! I was hoping for a good silk or matte finish creme, as I prefer two different finishes rather than the same twice. The bases are great and the formulas are always wonderful, so that's definitely something to remember.

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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