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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gamer Girl Monthly - January 2016 + Coupon Code!

What is Gamer Girl Monthly?: Gamer Girl Monthly is a new subscription for gamers of all kinds! Each month has a theme and the pieces follow the theme. Each box contains three boxes of jewelry, a custom jewelry pouch, an exclusive GGM pin, and a mystery item! Next month's theme is below!

How Much is Gamer Girl Monthly?: Gamer Girl Monthly is $13/month plus shipping ($3.99 for US, $6.99 for Canada, and $13.99 for international). Get $3 off with code RAMBLINGS!

If you want to see my past Gamer Girl Monthly subscriptions, click here!

This box came packed, literally. Once the tape was cut, it nearly popped open on its own.

The theme for January is Heroines, so I expected a nice grouping of strong female characters from video games!

Jewelry Pouch & Pin ($5.00) - Absolutely love the color combination of this pouch! Purple and gold together makes anything look royal or powerful. The pin is very nice and the print is a great quality.

Heroine Sticker Pack ($8.00) - Absolutely love these stickers. I'm mostly a fan of the Lightning sticker, but they all look awesome! They're all heroines, so it's the perfect start to this box.

Custom Player 1/Player 2 Bracelets ($10.00) - These are custom bracelets specifically by Gamer Girl Monthly. While they are nice looking, they make absolutely no sense to be in a Heroine box. It actually has become a thing where the items don't fit the theme, and it's causing me to lose interest in the box as a whole.

Lara Croft Necklace ($9.00) - Lara Croft is definitely a heroine in the best way. Not only does she kick butt, she has a whole franchise named after her and her butt-kicking ways. The necklace itself isn't my style, but I love the pendant!

Treasure Chest Ring ($7.00) - Definitely a cop out item at this point. A treasure chest has nothing to do with being a heroine (maybe it should have been in last month's box) and shouldn't have been placed in this one.

The box is valued at my estimated amount of $34.00, but that's including two items that shouldn't have been put in this box. It's been getting worse recently, but the curation has really gotten bad the past few months. It's honestly gotten annoying and it's causing me to not be excited to get the box anymore.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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