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New Target Beauty Box Released!

I got online this morning to find that  Target  has released another Target Box! I had shared on  Facebook  over the weekend that there was going to be another box, and here it is! If you didn't see the update, make sure to like and set 'See First' on Facebook to see future updates! This box is again, $5.00 (plus tax) and you get free shipping again! This does include a similar item as one of the boxes from  January , which seems to be happening more and more. Obviously, I'm still getting the box, because they are so addictive and awesome for being so cheap!  Check out past Target boxes  here ! This box has eight different items: -Hair Food Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner  -Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray  -SinfulColors Professional Nail Color -Laneige Water Sleeping Mask  -Banana Boat Sun Comfort SPF 30 Lotion  -nügg Face Mask  -you are AMAZING Juicy Grapefruit Body Lotion  -Caress Adore Forever Body Wash  L

Polish Review - Pretty & Polished Cancer Awareness Set

Disclosure: This set was sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. If you thought  Pretty & Polished  wasn't coming out with tons of new polishes, you would be so wrong! All four polishes in the Cancer Awareness Set is located in Pretty & Polished's  Charity  section, so make sure to grab your polishes!  A portion of the sales from these polishes goes towards raising money for the  Cancer Care Packages  as well as Little Red Door! Read more about this project  here  and make sure to check out my past Pretty & Polished  reviews ! Now, let's get to the gorgeous polishes!

Work from Anywhere with Walmart Family Mobile, Get a Movie Free!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and  Walmart Family Mobile . All opinions are mine alone.  #DataAndAMovie  #CollectiveBias It's tax season, which means it's time to get a new phone - right?! New year, tax refunds come and you realize your old phone just isn't cutting it anymore. When I'm looking for a new phone, the first thing I look at is the service itself. Is it reliable? Is it a good value? Can I do my daily tasks with the phones offered without spending a bundle on the phone itself? Finally, is it a phone that I can figure out how to use (this is probably the most important)? That's when I found Walmart Family Mobile  and their Plus Plan! It's super easy to do, head over to your local Walmart and buy a phone and Starter Kit. I chose the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime because it has a quad-core processor and comes with 8GB of internal memory, which means it can keep up with me (I'm a bit of an electronic ner

Polish Review - Faeries and Folklore St Patrick's Day Trio

Disclosure: These polishes were sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Faeries and Folklore is a very new indie polish brand, and I have quite a few polishes to show off!  Last week , I showed you a duo plus a group custom. This week, I love an amazing trio for St. Patrick's Day! It's releasing on the 22nd, so you have plenty of time to get them in to create your own St. Patrick's Day manicure! Make sure to check back in a few days for the Myth of the Month polish! The trio is three very different polishes that work so well for the holiday, and I'm in love with all three for three different reasons.

Flaviar Whiskey Tasting Box

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This box was sent to me in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. What is Flaviar ?: Flaviar is a monthly subscription box that sends out spirits and liquors. Each box will include three tasting vials (45mL) of a premium liquor, including Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Cognac, Bourbon, Tequila, and/or Vodka. The box currently ships to all of the EU and the US (excluding Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah). How Much is Flaviar ?: Currently the Flaviar  website shows as $39.99 a month ($24.99 for the first month), but I believe the price is going down $18.99 for the first month and $24.99 after. Flaviar  comes from Slovenia, so it does take a little while to get here, but I think it's such a cool thing that it's worth the wait. For reference, this box took just over three weeks, including the weekend and a holiday. Each box will include tasti

Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag - January 2016

  What is Rainbow Honey?:   Rainbow Honey  is a monthly nail polish subscription box where you get not only nail polishes, but you get random beauty things (soaps, scrubs, oils, etc) as well! There's a mini version and a full-size version, so you can choose how much you want. The bags are the same, but the mini bag has mini polishes while the full size one has full sized polishes. There's also bigger extras in the full size bag and sometimes there's an extra. The polishes and products you get in the Mystery Bag are ones that will be debuted in future collections, so it's a great way to see what is coming up next! How Much is Rainbow Honey?:   Rainbow Honey  is $10/month (plus $2.95 shipping) for the mini bag and $25/month for the full size. You also don't have to pay shipping for the full size bag.  If you want to see past bags, be sure to click  here ! The January bag brought two full sized polishes again, rather than three minis. I haven't se

Gamer Girl Monthly - January 2016 + Coupon Code!

What is Gamer Girl Monthly?:   Gamer Girl Monthly  is a new subscription for gamers of all kinds! Each month has a theme and the pieces follow the theme. Each box contains three boxes of jewelry, a custom jewelry pouch, an exclusive GGM pin, and a mystery item! Next month's theme is below! How Much is Gamer Girl Monthly?:   Gamer Girl Monthly  is $13/month plus shipping ($3.99 for US, $6.99 for Canada, and $13.99 for international). Get $3 off with code RAMBLINGS! If you want to see my past Gamer Girl Monthly subscriptions, click  here ! This box came packed, literally. Once the tape was cut, it nearly popped open on its own. The theme for January is Heroines, so I expected a nice grouping of strong female characters from video games!

Loot Crate (INVASION) - January 2016 + Coupon Code!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links. What Is It?:   Loot  Crate  is a monthly gaming and geek subscription box that sends 6-8 items each month that caters to a theme of some sort. They don't do spoilers except for what the theme is, which kills me! It was nice to open a true surprise, though.  How Much Is It?:  It is $13.37/month plus $6 shipping if you do it on the monthly plan, but goes down to $17.67/month with shipping if you pre-pay for six months! If you click  here  and use code 'SAVE3,' you get $3 any subscription! To see past Loot Crate boxes, click  here Loot  Crate  has officially become the subscription company to get all your needs in one, thanks to upgrading their lineup. There is now the Core Crate (what I get), Loot Pets, Loot Anime, and Loot Gaming. So now, you can get all of your nerdy fixes as well as your animal's fix from one company!

Polish Review - Faeries and Folklore Duo + Group Custom

Disclosure: These polishes were sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Faeries and Folklore is a very new indie polish brand, and I have quite a few polishes to show off that she's releasing soon and in the near future! For today's post, there are three polishes to show off, but make sure to check back next week to find more polishes to fall in love with!  First up is the Some Kind of Equestrian Duo! This duo releases tomorrow, so be sure to grab it! Right now, it's not limited edition, but you will want this on your nails as soon as possible. The duo is $16 for both or $9.50 each. Some Kind of Equestrian Duo consists Unicorn Uniform and Kelpie. Kelpie is a great matte black. It's a one coat to opaque and dries so nicely. Kelpie is the a great polish to have, for a base of nail art or to show off different top coats. I like it for those, but I love it because it looks so nice alone! It reminds me of my teen years, where black

Pet Gift Box - January 2016 + Coupon Code!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This box was sent in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. What is  Pet Gift Box ?:   Pet Gift Box  is a monthly pet subscription box, with the option of dogs or cats! For dogs, there's three options for size and you tell them the name and gender of your pet, regardless of cat or dog. How Much is  Pet Gift Box ?:   Pet Gift Box  is $27.99/month and gets cheaper with longer subscriptions. Get 25% off with code rambling! See more Pet Gift Box reviews  here ! Info card! Of course for the January box, there had to be a Super Bowl theme! Growing up, I hated the Super Bowl because it fell on my birthday or the weekend I would like to celebrate my birthday. It doesn't matter now that I'm older, and football foods are always great to nom on! Tailgating Beef Burgers ($7.99) - These are so cute! Before we moved to the country, there was a dog bakery that had similar burger patties that Trumpet loved, but

Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet - January 2016

What is Notoriously Morbid?:   Vanishing Cabinet  is a monthly subscription box by  Notoriously Morbid . where each month you get a themed bag of amazing indie makeup! The themes are usually nerdy and always fun! Bags usually include four eyeshadow pigments and something extra. This can be something new they're trying out or something they're bringing back!  How Much is Notoriously Morbid?:  $13.25/month including shipping to the US. International subscriptions are now $20/month. Price increases are due to USPS. For past reviews of Notoriously Morbid, just click  here ! There was a change starting with this bag where sifters are added in the eye shadows, which completely thrilled me. I am a huge fan of sifters because they just keep things cleaner in transit. As I mentioned  last month , the theme hinted to Daria. The official name of the January bag is 'Sicker, Sad World.' Love the artwork!  Authority Problem is great tough, punk grey.

NeverEnding Fairytales - January 2016

What is NeverEnding Fairytales?:  NeverEnding Fairytales is a monthly subscription box by the indie polish maker,  Fairytale Finish . Each month has its own theme and comes with one or two polishes (depending on what you choose) and sometimes extras! Not only can you get your subscription fix from  Fairytale Finish , but she also makes gorgeous polishes and top coats! How Much is NeverEnding Fairytales?:  With  Fairytale Finish , there's two options when you start your subscription! You can choose to get one polish ($11.00/month) or two polishes ($18.00/month). There is also the option to get longer subscriptions  here  and the subscription becomes cheaper at six months. The price did go up by $2 on either option, due to USPS raising shipping costs.  If you want to see past months, click  here ! As always, handmade with love! The theme was actually one submitted by a member of the Fairytale Finish group on Facebook. I haven't found out if the future

Polish Review - Carpe Noctem Cosmetics

It's another polish review from another new to me company!  Carpe Noctem Cosmetics  has been around, but I just now have purchased from her. The maker is such a sweet woman, and she responds so quickly with any questions you may have!  Olaf!  is a holographic, opaque teal/blue with a strong violet/pink shimmer. I am loving that there is the slightest shift due to there being so much violet/pink shimmer in the polish. I love teal as a color, and I love the mix with blue to complement the shimmer! This is the medium bottle, 12mL, but it's also available in a larger or smaller bottle. Two coats of Olaf! with one coat of glossy top coat. Aurora Corealis  is a super bright shimmery coral with tons of holo. The name is such a cute play on words, and the polish itself is perfect. It is a pink leaning coral more than a true coral, in my opinion, but I definitely love it! Aurora Corealis is a stronger, deeper pink than I normally purchase, but I was so shocked at how


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