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Friday, January 1, 2016

Rainbow Honey Just Soaps - December 2015

What is Rainbow Honey's Just Soaps?: Just Soaps is Rainbow Honey's newest subscription mystery bag! Since this is the first of Rainbow Honey's Just Soaps, I'm going to give a bit more info. Just Soaps will feature sample sneak peeks of up to three hand-crafted artisanal soaps from upcoming collections and future releases. 

How Much is Rainbow Honey's Just Soaps?: Just Soaps is $15 with free shipping to the US! 

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There is an option for Made-to-Order which is for subscribers that want to get more of soaps from the monthly bag. The information is at the bottom of the info page, so be sure to check there to see if the soap you loved is available to purchase more of! You get discounted introductory pricing and free US shipping!

It comes in the same kind of bag as the regular Mystery bags, but with a different tag to show you it's your soap bag!

Imaginary Buttons Premium Soap Slice (4oz) - Cute little buttons adorn this deliciously scented soap slice! You can slice it in half or use as a shower bar, you decide! Our creamy and moisturizing soap slice is scented with our fun and perky, Peach Sangria! You can expect to see more #ImaginaryButtons Soap Slices coming soon in a variety of scents.
I absolutely love the buttons in the soap. It's an adorable little touch and I love the 3D effect! The soap itself smells amazing and there's so much of it! For the price, I expected smaller slices of soap, but these are pretty massive. It definitely smells just like peach sangria, so I'm looking forward to seeing how long the scent lasts once it's used!

Carnival Candy Premium Soap Cake Slice (4 oz) - Inspired by our love for cotton candy, this adorable cake slice has a creamy lather and foamy big bubbles that cleanses and moisturizes skin while delighting your senses with our fan favorite, Carnival Candy! This soap can be purchased Made-to-Order for $40/$80 full loaf (44-48oz) or $25/$45 half loaf (22-24oz).
It's like they made this just for me. I am so in love with anything cotton candy flavored or scented, so it was easy to know which would be my favorite of the bag! The different colors are adorable and remind me of the colors at a carnival. I'm expecting to smell really sweet for a long time, because the soap bar made my office smell amazing!

Shea Butter Soap Pop (assorted scents) (3.5oz) - Formulated with our favorite ingredient, Shea Butter, this ultra creamy soap pop not only cleanses, but provides a soothing layer of shea butter moisture for dry skin! Soap pops will be part of a collection of summer soaps in 2016. Available in 4 amazing scents: Juicy Orange Pop, Frosted Strawberry Breeze, Pina Coco-Colada, & Royal Fruits! This soap can be purchased Made-to-Order as a set of 4 for $20/$32.
This was definitely the cutest item in the bag! I love the shape and it's so cute that it could easily be given as a present to anyone! My only question is can you get all four scents in one MTO purchase, or do you have to get four of each scent? The pina colada smells great, and I definitely think I got the best scent!

Overall, I loved the first Rainbow Honey Just Soaps bag! They did a great job introducing the bag in the November bag and I'm so happy that I was able to win this free bag to show it off to you guys! I haven't decided if I want to subscribe to the bag, so be sure to let me know your thoughts on the bag and if you guys think it's worth it!
As always, let me know what you thought of the bag in the comments! 

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