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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Polish Review - The Don Deeva

It's time for another polish review. For 2016, I decided I would branch out and try new brands, so here's my first one for you to see! Don Deeva is a well established brand by now, but I was introduced to her close to the end of last year. Her creativity and how her polishes aren't like the norm grabbed my attention and I jumped when I saw something gorgeous released.

Serial Killer Barbie ($9.00) - A hot pink jelly polish full of scattered holo and gold micro glitter. This polish was the one that grabbed my attention and told me it was time to buy. I'm not normally grabbed by pinks, but the bits of gold and the slight holo grabbed me, and the name sealed the deal. It is a jelly, so you will need at least two coats to make it opaque.

Swatch is two coats with top coat.

357. Magnum
 ($9.00) - Black jelly holographic. I'm always on the lookout for more black holographics, because I just can't seem to get enough. I had actually been thinking about making this a custom request to someone, but then it magically appeared for me! This is also a jelly, so it looks a bit squishy and does require more coats to become fully opaque. 

Swatch is three coats with top coat.

Jersey Girl ($8.75) - A holographic syrup. The description matches the polish perfectly. The polish is made to be as a standalone polish or a base for lead lighting or marbling. I preferred to try it alone (mostly because I haven't mastered marbling or even gotten good at it yet), and I never want to take it off! It's literally pure holographic and absolutely perfect. It's hard to not stare and it's 100 times more gorgeous and holographic in person than it is in photos. This is a must have. It is textured alone and does require at least two coats of something on top (be it a top coat or marbled polish plus top coat) to make it smooth.

Swatch is two coats with top coat.

I think my first purchase with Don Deeva was well worth it. All three polishes worked amazingly and I've already made a second purchase with Don Deeva. These polishes are still available in the store and Jersey Girl is a core polish (which means I can buy more!!), so be sure to start your shopping!

As always, let me know what you thought of this review in the comments.

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