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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Charming Tarts - December 2015

Disclosure: This box was sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

What is the Charming Tarts Box?: The Charming Tarts box is a monthly subscription box containing two full-size packs of tarts (wax melts) in either the clamshell style packaging or in a six-pack of hearts. Each box will also contain three individual hearts and a sample of one of the skincare/bath/body products (or a small handmade product) from her shop.

How Much is the Charming Tarts Box?: The Charming Tarts box is $15 with free shipping to the US. It does ship to Canada and internationally, and shipping is an additional $7.

The main product in this box is the Wax Tarts, which are wax melts for warmers. These work just like any other wax melts you can buy, except these are made by a person rather than a company so you are supporting a small business (one of my favorite things)! You can burn one or two tarts at a time, depending on how heavy you want your scent or if you want to layer scents, and they will last four or five days at least!

Goat's Milk Soap (Coffee Scrub) - I cannot find this item in the shop, but I'm really curious about trying more out. I love handmade soaps, so obviously this is a hit for me. It smells great and I love that you get a good enough sample to try and use more than once or twice.

Heart Soy Wax Tart (Pleasure Me) ($0.65) - First off, I love that you can buy singles of these to try out tons of scents to find out which is your favorite. Pleasure Me is a light and refreshing scent, it reminds me slightly of fabric softener (I love that wispy smell so much!). 

Soy Candle Heart Tarts (Cashmere Glow) ($4.00) - Cashmere Glow is a lovely scent that's a bit heavy, but it's because of the vanilla, pear, and cashmere! It's perfect for adding a bit of depth to another scent or just warming up a room!

Heart Soy Wax Tart (Cranberry) ($0.65) - This absolutely smells just like fresh cranberries. It's a bit sweet, a bit tart, and definitely fruity! It would be wonderful layered with a vanilla tart!

Heart Soy Wax Tart (Strawberry Lemonade) ($0.65) - This smells just like actual strawberry lemonade, which is astounding to me. Most things that are scented miss the mark a bit on what they are supposed to smell like, but this definitely doesn't. I'm guessing this is supposed to be the third extra heart, but it's in a plastic container instead. It works as a wax melt either way, which is all I require!

Soy Candle Heart Tarts (Original Fresh) ($4.00) - This is a lovely floral scent with tons of sandalwood to brighten up your room. It can lean a bit strong if you are using it in a smaller room, but it is perfect for a larger open space. 

Because I didn't have a cost of the soap sample, I can only estimate the value of the box based on the other items. That being stated, this box is valued at $9.95. While that doesn't hit the cost of the box, you do have to factor in that you would have to pay shipping had you bought these items separately. This box also introduces you to tons of different scents that you might have not thought you loved! 

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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