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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Swatch Saturday! le Polish Review

I'm starting something a little different for Saturdays, where I'm swatching and reviewing some polishes! I might end up doing eye shadows as well, but for now it's nail polish! So, welcome to Swatch Saturday!

If you remember, I reviewed le Polish's Monthly Mystery last month (and yes, there will be another one very soon!), but I ended up buying some of her gorgeous polishes for my own pleasure! So today I have four to show you! I apologize up front, because it seems like Mother Nature knows when I'm swatching and I get almost no sun. I did my best, though! I had to share these gorgeous polishes, and they're all available for purchase!

First up is Morning Frost Morning Frost is described on the website as a brilliant gold shimmer topcoat [...] One coat is a perfect gold shimmer topcoat, while three coats is an opaque polish on it's own.

I know it's technically a top coat, but I had to see what this ended up like as a polish on its own. It was so worth it. This is a gorgeous white/silvery base with so much gold shimmer in it that it's truly ridiculous. This was the most difficult to apply, but that's more that I was trying to get it opaque. Still, it looks perfect at two coats, but would be truly opaque with three. Once I put this on, I realized it would be the perfect addition to a Christmas manicure. More than that, I'm trying it over other polishes to see how the gold shimmer effects the base!

 In the swatches, you can tell that I couldn't get it truly in focus. So much shimmer + no natural light = a bit blurry. 

Two coats, in focus (mostly)

Two coats (out of focus)

Next is October Ocean. October Ocean is described on the website as a beautiful navy blue polish full of gold shimmer and sparkle and subtle scattered holo [...] such a complex deep blue, it’d be perfect for the base of a galaxy mani!

Next is a dark blue. I'm a huge fan of blues, so this polish had a bit to live up to. I could definitely see it being perfect for a galaxy manicure. It's such a dark blue, and it looks so close to black in some lights, which is so awesome. The faint holographic in it is so perfect, and I love how the whole polish is a mini galaxy, and you can make it super awesome by sponging a few other colors on! The polish itself is super easy to apply and ended up super smooth!

Two coats, in focus.

Two coats, out of focus (kinda)

Of course I had to get a purple! Cuddly Blanket, as described on her website, is a luxurious deep purple shimmer with copper sparkle and a subtle scattered holo.

Purples are my best friend. Seriously, most of my polishes end up being purple or magenta, or some sort of purple/magenta. Of all the polishes, I was most excited to try this out. It's such a great shade, and I love most holographic polishes! This one looks so perfect, I had a super hard time taking it off. In my opinion, the copper makes the purple pop so nice!

Two coats, out of focus.

To wrap things up, I grabbed a teal, because that's just one of the colors I have to have all of! A Chill in the Air is a tranquil teal, packed with gold shimmer and a subtle scattered holo visible in bright light, per the website.

If there was a polish that I loved above all others, it was this one. While I love the unique qualities of each of the other three, I just think this one looks perfect on me. It's the perfect shade of teal base and I'm always a fan of a gold shimmer. The holographic in it pops so easily in almost any light. This swatch is under the most natural light, thank you Mother Nature. But seriously, words can't describe what this swatch can.

Two coats, in focus.

Two coats, out of focus.

Overall, this is one of the greatest first collections from a brand that I've seen in a while. For her first set, she did a stellar job! You can buy the full collection of all ten polishes here for $90 or individually for $10 each. There's also a Christmas trio about to come out for you to grab soon! If you are looking for the December le Monthly Mystery, pay attention early next week for that!

As always, let me know what you thought of this review and let me know your thoughts on Swatch Saturday! 

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