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Sunday, November 15, 2015

NatureBox Review

What is NatureBox?: NatureBox is a food subscription box that actually gives you the option to pick what you want to get! You can choose to get three or five snacks per box, and you can also choose how often you want to get your snacks!

How Much is NatureBox?: NatureBox is $19.95/box for five snacks and $13.95/box for three snacks. You get free shipping in the US and pay $4.95 for shipping to Canada. You can also add on premium snacks for an additional cost of $3-$6 each. 

Confession time, I had 100% thought I canceled this box. It was actually billed to an old card under my maiden name and my parent's address, two addresses ago. I'm not sure how it actually got to me, but it did. I didn't have any snacks chosen (I found out after that it was due to the ones I had picked last time I got this box weren't even available anymore), so it was just completely random. I thought it was a good way to show how your box will be if you don't choose snacks, so I'm sharing!

The boxes are huge, like won't fit in mailboxes huge. Since I had no clue I was getting this box, I have no clue how long it took to get to me (my old address). 

Fuji Apples - They're pretty nice for what they are, but I'm definitely not a fan of dried apples. I love Fuji apples when they are fresh, but these just tasted a bit stale to me. There's also not a ton in there, so it's definitely not a long-term snack. They would be nice to throw in some trail mix for a good snack, though!

Salt & Pepper Pistachios - Husband definitely will eat all of these. He loves his pistachios, so these weren't a big concern. I'm going to put them in bags for him to take to work to munch on, so these were a good win.

Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels - I'm not sure if either of us will eat these. I used to eat these all the time in high school, but I haven't in ages. They are nice to put on salads, though, so I might throw them on as extras when I'm making lunch one day!

Peanut Butter Nom Noms - I absolutely do not like these. I love no-bake peanut butter cookies, which is what I thought these would be like. Instead, they just taste dry. Definitely not a win for me.

Sriracha Pop Pops - I couldn't even get husband to try these, and I'm definitely not going to. There was an unfortunate mishap (too much sriracha made enchiladas absolutely awful) a couple of years back with our first experience with sriracha, and neither of us will try it since. I'll pass these along to my dad!

Overall, I think NatureBox is a good box with a good value if you choose your snacks. If you choose the things you want and know what flavors you want to try, you can get your money's worth easily. If you forget like I did, you might end up with things you don't want. If you sign up, I'd love to know what snacks you get! I will always reconsider getting boxes if something new is added, so let me know!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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