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Friday, November 20, 2015

Lip Addicts Anonymous - November 2015

What is Lip Addicts Anonymous?: Lip Addicts Anonymous is a monthly subscription by Kiss My Sass, an indie makeup brand. Each bag will include one exclusive full sized lip product, two cosmetic samples, one bath & body sample, and one exclusive coupon code, per the website.

How Much is Lip Addicts Anonymous?: Lip Addicts Anonymous is $8.00/month plus shipping, which was $2.25 for first class for me. You can also choose priority shipping, but that is (of course) more.

I decided to try a different indie subscription after cancelling/skipping some, and I thought this one would be a fun one to try!

First look. I love when things come in cute little bags like this. Everything came packaged nicely and I could already smell that candy!

Info card! We all know how much I love info cards!

Lip Tint (Tiramisu) ($6.00) - Warm shimmering bronze.
This smells amazing, just like mocha! It's a good neutral, but it didn't show any color on my lips. it added some shimmer and made my face smell really good, but I didn't see any change. That being said, it will most likely be a light lip shade on just about everyone else. I definitely expected it to be a bit darker, based on the name.

Eye shadow (Espresso) ($1.50) - A warm brown with orange undertones (matte).
It is definitely a brown shadow. I'm not sure what more to say about it. It was a little patchy to apply at first, and it isn't anything special

Soap Sample (Frangelico Affogato) ($2.00) - A blend of espresso & frangelico liquor over vanilla ice cream.
I've never smelled frangelico liquor, so I'm only assuming it does smell like that! Either way, it smells really nice. It's not a ton, but it's a nice little extra to have and it will be used eventually.

Eye shadow (Tiramisu) ($1.50) - A warm bronze with rose gold sparkles.
This is an absolutely gorgeous shimmer. The rose gold picks up the bronze so nicely and color is pulled together nicely. The super sad part, it came off super quick and I was left with the remnants of the base.

Tiramisu Lip Tint swatch.

Extras: Highlighter from Aromaleigh, candy.

I don't count the value of extras towards the total value of the bag, because they are supposed to be extras and not part of the bag itself. That being said, the bag was worth $11, which is just over what I paid including shipping. I feel like I was a little cheated, though, because the colors were practically the same thing. I feel like there were so many directions this month could have been taken in, and perhaps include at least one product with a different color. I love neutrals, but they have to just stun me to and be great to have only neutrals. I'm going to give it three months before giving up, so here's hoping it's incredible for December!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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