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Monday, October 19, 2015

Pup Box - 10 Month Old + Coupon Code!

We all know Trumpet loves his boxes, so we were thrilled that PupBox wanted to send him a box to review!

What is PupBox?: PupBox is a monthly subscription box for puppies that help with their month-to-month development. It helps new puppy owners with training and development as well as gives your pup some fun toys and great treats! When you sign up, you create a 'Puppy Profile' which includes the your puppy's name, birthday, include a picture, and give them information about your puppy. You also tell them their coat type, their target adult weight, and their environment.

How Much is PupBox?: PupBox is $39/month but goes down significantly if you sign up for longer terms! You can also get $10 off any subscription with code ramblings10!

Instantly, super cute! I love the paw prints on the box. When I brought it in, Trumpet began investigating and knew it was his. 

Love this. I love when boxes come wrapped and have cute little touches, definitely a huge plus.

Both sides of their tips. I love that they included a trick to teach, and I'm working on teaching Trumpet. He's only reached 'sit' right now, but he's learning!

Large Pink Dogring ($14.00) - Love this. It's great to toss for fetch or to play tug-of-war. Trumpet has been playing more of the fetch, only because he has had so much energy that I want him running! It's super cute, and I love all three of the colors. Definitely perfect to take outside and wear your puppy out!

Beco Travel Bowl ($9.99) - Absolutely love these. They're great for taking on trips without worrying about bringing the actual, heavy, bulky bowls. This one is a great size, much larger than the ones I've found in stores, which means I can put Trumpet's water or food in it and leave him be. It's also biodegradable, which makes me feel better about having it and using it. 

Starmark Treat Dispensing Football ($12.99) - Cutest thing ever. It holds a few treats and crunches when it's grabbed, which leads to the treats falling out. Trumpet is still figuring it out, but it's adorable to watch him try. 

Plato Pet Treats Thinker Stick (Salmon) ($1.99) - Trumpet definitely was a huge fan of this. So much so, that it was gone in almost no time! It wasn't super greasy, which is always a concern of mine with him chewing on the furniture, so that pleased me to no end. 

Super Farms Beef Femur Pipe ($5.99) - This was a little too big for Trumpet, and he's never had more than just treats, so I think this will be given to my parent's full grown Golden. Trumpet sniffed it out, but he's just too much of a baby for now for this. I'm going to get him some real pig ears soon, and start him off there.

Primal Treats Turkey Liver Treats ($6.99) - These are awesome. I love that they're meaty treats but they aren't greasy at all. Absolutely perfect and Trumpet is enjoying them. They're meant to be used as training, so I'm working on training him with them. I'm hoping for 'stay' next, so we'll see how that goes!

This box was valued at $51.95, which is amazing, and that's only counting the products. The tips and information is invaluable, especially for new puppy parents. We all know that pet boxes don't always have the highest value, but this one definitely met my expectations and exceeded them. I love that it came with everything perfect for Trumpet's age. They took my note into putting the box together, because a lot think that Trumpet being only 35lbs means he is gentle, but he's as wild as a full size Lab. I'm glad they included toys that he can't destroy in a few minutes.

Again, if you want to save $10 on any subscription, be sure to use code ramblings10!

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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