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Friday, October 30, 2015

Gamer Girl Monthly - October 2015 + Coupon Code!

What is Gamer Girl Monthly?: Gamer Girl Monthly is a new subscription for gamers of all kinds! Each month has a theme and the pieces follow the theme. Each box contains three boxes of jewelry, a custom jewelry pouch, an exclusive GGM pin, and a mystery item! Next month's theme is below!

How Much is Gamer Girl Monthly?: Gamer Girl Monthly is $13/month plus shipping ($3.99 for US, $6.99 for Canada, and $13.99 for international). Get $3 off with code RAMBLINGS!

Yay for another month of Gamer Girl Monthly! I was so thrilled when it came in. I missed the tracking email, so it was a huge shock to see it in my mailbox.

Yay for Magic! I had been waiting for this theme to occur, and I'm super excited to see what's in it!

Black Mage Jewelry Pouch and Pin ($5.00) - Okay, so my husband actually opened this box first (he's always curious to know what it includes), so he was super excited to see Final Fantasy being portrayed. He's a huge FF fan, has been since he was a child, so he explained to me that this is the Black Mage! Perfect for a Magic themed box.

Final Fantasy Black Mage Earrings ($8.99) - These are super cute. I'm not usually one for dangly earrings, but I will wear these! They're too cute to not wear. They're also pretty sturdy, not flimsy, but they don't feel super heavy! And they definitely fit in with the theme!

Zelda Triforce Bracelet ($11.50) - I found a similar one online, but this one has the triforce in gold and the bracelet in silver. I like the bracelet, and I love that it's super simple and not a statement piece. It holds up nicely and didn't feel too big on my wrist!

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace ($9.99) - Oh my gosh, this is perfect. I am such a Harry Potter nerd, which means I'm in love with this. I'm not keeping it on a chain, as the chain is a bit too long for me to wear. Fortunately, it's going to be the perfect keychain!

Zelda Royal Crest Tattoo ($8.00) - I couldn't find this exact tattoo, but this is the price of their other tattoos! It's so cool that they sent a temporary tattoo. I saw a few places where it can be put on a phone case, so I'm going to look into that to make it more permanent!

Elements Nail Wraps ($12.00)  - These are so cool. The nail wraps were a 'plus' item this month, but it might be one of my favorites! I typically paint my nails, but these will be awesome as an accent or just for a fancier day.

This box has an estimated value of $55.48, which is amazing for this box! They stuck to the theme perfectly and I love what the theme is. Everything is so cute and all things that I will wear! As of today, you have 22 days to catch the November box. That theme is Heroes, which fascinates me! If you want to save $3 on your box, use code RAMBLINGS!

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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