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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Target Beauty Box Review - Fall in Love

What is Target Beauty Box?: Target (yes, that Target) releases a Beauty Box every so often. It tends to be with seasons or holidays (like Summer or Back to School) but can also be just because. It's filled with random goodies from Target, which means it's all things you can buy the things that you love easily. The best thing about Target's boxes is that you see what's going to be in the box before you buy it, so you can get the boxes you like!

How Much is Target Beauty Box?: The price for Target's Beauty Box varies, but the highest I've seen has been $7, with most boxes being $5. You do have to pay taxes on Target's boxes, but it's always free shipping on these boxes! Included with you buying a box, you get a coupon for Target for $3 off $15 on beauty products.

This box was the typical box size, but it was ridiculously heavy. I already knew what was coming, but I wasn't 100% sure on the sizes so the weight of the box was a pleasant shock.

Theme card.

Info card. As you can see, this is a very hair-product heavy box which I'm okay with. I am always looking for some new products to use on my hair, especially now that it's even longer than last winter and it seems to be losing moisture faster than ever before. I've gone away from coloring it and I'm embracing the wave, mostly trying to get it back to being healthy again. 

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($4.40) - I first tried out Shea Moisture through a Target Beauty Box, so I was so pleased to see it being featured again. I love my shampoo that I got before,  and this styling lotion smells amazing and feels so great to use. Honestly, though, putting peppermint in anything will guarantee I use it.

Curls Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream ($2.75) - First off, this smells like cake. Second, it refreshes curls and helps your wavy hair be wavy, which is exactly what I am hoping to do. It works in conjunction with another product of their, the moisturizer, which is something I'm going to use my coupon on for full sized products!

Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner ($2.25) - This smells absolutely horrible and is super watery. At that point, it doesn't matter how good it works because I won't use it daily and smell bad. I'm going to pass it off to someone else who might enjoy the smell.

Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum ($5.99) - My hair is curly and has a tendency to be coarse, so this is perfect for me to try out. I like that it's full size, which means I have more to try out and I actually get to use the dispenser they designed. I'm really excited to see how well this works on the long term!

Colgate Optic White Platinum Express White Toothpaste ($1.00) - I like that this is a sample size, as I can always use one for traveling when I don't want to carry around full-sized stuff. I've tried the basic Optic White Toothpaste and liked the results, so I'm sure this is even more amazing.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($0.50) - Aquaphor is pretty nice for lip balm, and it does an amazing job of healing chapped lips. This is the perfect addition to this box, because it's really starting to get cold and my lips will chap like crazy. 

This box had a pretty low value of only $16.89, which is still great for the cost. It's just a bit lower than what we're used to, but it was filled with a ton of stuff so I have plenty of things to try out with some new brands and some favorites of mine! Overall, I thought this was another great box and I'm in love with all of the hair products for me to try out! I'll make sure to update all forms of social media for when the next box comes out, so be sure to follow me on those places!

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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