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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Notoriously Morbid - August 2015

What is Notoriously Morbid?: Vanishing Cabinet is a monthly subscription box by Notoriously Morbid. where each month you get a themed bag of amazing indie makeup! The themes are usually nerdy and always fun! 

How Much is Notoriously Morbid?: $12.90/month with shipping. Sometimes a coupon code comes in your monthly bag for you to use in their store!

This month's theme is Moonlight & Magic and is based off of Teen Witch, which I (sadly) have not ever seen. I read the Wikipedia entry and it intrigued me enough to want to watch.

The stickers are adorable!

Brad Power - Sea foam green in all its glory. It's a gorgeous matte and applied almost perfectly. In my swatch (below), you can see a bit of patchiness but that very well could have been my primer acting up.

Take a Chance - This is a mystical shadow, full of wonder and amazement. Take a Chance is teal-blue without any light influence and almost has almost a complete shift under flash, thanks to the great green shimmer going on. In my swatch, it's definitely leaning blue but does pick up green easily under heavier or unnatural light. It applied perfect, no doubt. Definitely a win!

Omni Surinaro - Red, red, red! A great burnt red with some gorgeous gold flecks. It's perfect for teaming up with a brown to make a seriously unique look. It's not lip safe, so it won't work for a lip gloss. Still, great shadow or for a seriously bold blush.

Top That - Great pale dusty rose/orchid that is my favorite of the month. I love this shadow like nothing else and it's being worn a few times before I ration it so I don't run out! The shimmer is serious and I'm all over it!

Macros. This picked up a bit more of the true green in Brad Power and Take a Chance. 

Diablo Lip Rouge (Popular Girl) - I'm so glad it's cooling off, because now more lip products can come again! I love the Diablo Lip Rouges and this color is so amazing. It's the perfect pink for me!

Extra from Hello Waffle - Gorgeous orchid!

This was another great month for Notoriously Morbid. I feel like I'm missing a bit by not knowing the references, but I'm hoping I can see it soon so I can understand better! The colors scream late 80's for me, which matches the time frame of the movie! The spoiler for next month is 'Say it once, say it twice, say it three times.' Let me know what you think the theme is!

As always, let me know what you thought about this bag in the comments!

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