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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My World Sparkles Monthly Minis - September 2015

Disclosure: This bag was sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

What is My World Sparkles Monthly Minis?: My World Sparkles is an indie nail polish brand where you can also buy jewelry, makeup, and accessories. Starting in September, the maker has started a subscription box called Monthly Minis, where you get two mini polishes each month. Each month's bag will include a Soon-to-be-Released polish and a current polish. Some months may include exclusives which will not be released in full-size. If you buy currently from My World Sparkles, you might get a mini of a polish you already have. You have until the end of each month to get the following month, or you can go ahead and purchase each month until January (currently).

How Much is My World Sparkles Monthly Minis?: Monthly Minis is $10/month and that includes shipping. 

I love when things are wrapped nicely, and this bag was no exception. I love the tissue paper and how it looks just like a present.

All three polishes came wrapped just like candy, which is adorable and very secure! This month's bag contains an extra polish, due to it being special for being the first bag. Future bags will have two mini polishes.

Peachy Panhellenic - A creamy medium peach base with a golden shimmer.
I love the color of this in the bottle. It looks so summery and bright. It's a little watery in application and did not become fully opaque after four coats. It would be great over a white base, but the swatch below shows it over a clear base. The golden shimmer mentioned in the description is seen best in the sun, which we did not have in Georgia when I was swatching.

Four, three, and two coats from top to bottom.

Mystery Splat - There's no description for this on the My World Sparkles page, because this hasn't been released! I love this in the bottle, the gorgeous warm brown with some serious sparkle. I read in the Facebook Group that it is supposed to do something outside. I'm not sure what it's supposed to do, because mine didn't change. Again, no sun. I didn't get the base color payoff from two coats, which is my normal standard on manicures, and later found that it took three thick coats to get the base color. I love the glitter pieces, and love the shimmer you get at two coats, so this would be used over a great brown!

Two coats.

Prom Night - This is a clear base with various micro and holographic glitters. The glitters include stripes, diamonds, a variety of blues & turquoise, and what would be prom without the black tux squares.
This was the extra for the month, which is a great addition. Again, I swatched over a clear base, but this would be wonderful over white or to add something extra to a blue creme! There's a ton of glitter pieces in the bottle, but it took a fair bit of fishing to get the bigger pieces. I'm definitely falling more in love with glitter top coats, and this was no exception.

Two coats.

Overall, I was pleased with trying out this subscription. It's something different and I love that the polishes are different enough to be used separately but are complementary enough to be put into one manicure. The formulas are above average, which is always great. I love the idea of having minis in a subscription and how it gives you the chance to try out a brand without trying to find polishes to try first! 

My only concern is that there's not a true information card for the month, just a page with the information about the subscription as a whole. As we all know, I'm a fan of information cards! If you want to find out more information about the brand, be sure to join the group or like the page

If you subscribe, let me know what you think about the polishes! As always, let me know what you thought about this bag in the comments!

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