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Thursday, August 27, 2015

innocent+twisted alchemy - August 2015

What Is innocent+twisted?: innocent+twisted is an indie subscription that I stumbled upon and knew I had to bring it to you as soon as I saw it. This subscription includes the hand-drawn art that matches the monthly theme and usually sends samples from other indie brands. To see my other innocent+twisted reviews, click here.

How Much Is inocent+twisted?: It is $18/month for what you see below, the full-size. There is a deluxe subscription as well for $12/month. She also ships internationally for $4 extra on either options.

I love the pattern on this bag. 

Info card. This month included a 35% off coupon for subscribers!

I love this artwork. It's adorable.

Dark Moon Rising - I love this purple. It's a great middle purple with a lovely shimmer. In the shots below, you can see some great blue and magenta flecks picking up. It definitely applies better with a heavier hand, but it can be applied lightly if you have a steady hand.

Moon Dreams (Not Lip Safe)- This is just an amazing almost foil shadow. It applies just like a dream and is a great light lilac. It was the easiest of the three to get it to apply and the light just makes it bright. In the swatch below, you can see how much of a foil it applies like, but without anything special.

Midnight Kiss (Not Lip Safe) - This is a almost matte shadow with just a tiny bit of sparkle. It's a great burgundy and went on super smoothly. It did take a smidgen more effort to remove, but it stayed on like nothing else while being worn. 

Macro shots.

Dark Moon Rising, Midnight Kiss, Moon Dreams.


Dark Moon Rising, Midnight Kiss, Moon Dreams.

Extras from:

I loved this month's bag and loved the artwork. The extras went with the bag very nicely and I love the darks and the light that this bag delivered. I like that some of these extras were made specifically for the bag, but that it isn't immediately obvious which of these were special order. Be sure to subscribe to get your next bag, let me know if you do!

As always, let me know what you thought about this bag in the comments!

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