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Monday, August 31, 2015

FrenchBox - August 2015

What is FrenchBox?: FrenchBox is a bimonthly subscription box that lets you discover France in your mailbox! Each box delivers at least five beauty, lifestyle and food products. Items are full sized, deluxe sized, and sample sized, but all are brand name items!

How Much is FrenchBox?: FrenchBox is $36/box. You can also buy old boxes that are still available, either for full price or at a discount. Sometimes there's even the option to build your own box here.

I love the multiple levels of boxes and I love just how French this box is.

Inside box. Make sure you take this box out completely because something was in the shipping box!

Information book. I didn't take pictures of all of it because it's actually pretty lengthy. 

First look. Everything came wrapped super nicely, as always.

Postcard - As you can tell by this, the theme is Back to School. I love getting postcards that I can send to people, so this is great!

Torchons & Bouchons Paris (Paris Macarons) ($22.00) - I had to hang this on my wall to get a picture of this because it's much bigger than my light box. The folds are slowing falling out of it, so it will be perfect in just a few days, and the label on the top right is a sticker that comes off with no problem. I haven't figure out how it's back to school, but maybe back to college? Either way, I love it and it's a gorgeous piece for wall decor.

Pierre Biscuiterie – Pure Butter French Cookies ($5.00) - Apparently these are part of lunch boxes in France, and I can see why! They aren't super sweet and aren't super unhealthy. They're not like butter cookies I've had, but that's probably because they're made with real ingredients rather than the mounds of chemicals that are in the kind I get here.

Tradition Hand Cream (Olive Oil) ($34.00) - There were a ton of different Durance products that could have been put in each box, but I'm really pleased with this. It smells great, but that could be because I'm partial to the smell of olive oil in general. It's actually really moisturizing and feels great. The bottle is so fancy too, it will look great in my new guest bathroom.

Clairefontaine French-ruled Notebook ($7.00) - This is what was in the shipping box rather than in the item box. I probably would not have known it was there if I hadn't seen someone mention it on Facebook. It's definitely French-ruled, which I had to look into to understand why it was like this. Frenchbox wrote about it here, which is convenient! It's all about learning how to write in cursive and teaching you the correct length of letters, which is something that would have been super useful when I was younger.

BIC 4-color Ball Pen ($5.00) - I remember these being really cool years ago, but apparently they are still popular in France. I can see the convenience of having multiple pen colors all in one and can understand why they are still popular. It's a little weird to see something in a box that's been around for as long as I can remember, but it's a great piece of nostalgia!

Paris Poster ($8.00) - I really love this poster. It was impossible to get a picture of this because it came rolled up, but it's going to be framed and probably put up in my new office. The poster is of Notre Dame and it's absolutely gorgeous..

Overall, I loved this box, which was valued at $81.00. There as another great mix of French products that you wouldn't think of otherwise. If you get this box, you get to choose the Durance product you want and the pattern for your towel, so grab your box here!

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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