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Friday, July 17, 2015

innocent+twisted Alchemy - July 2015

What Is innocent+twisted?: innocent+twisted is an indie subscription that I stumbled upon and knew I had to bring it to you as soon as I saw it. This subscription includes the hand-drawn art that matches the monthly theme and usually sends samples from other indie brands. To see my other innocent+twisted reviews, click here.

How Much Is inocent+twisted?: It is $18/month for what you see below, the full-size. There is a deluxe subscription as well for $12/month. She also ships internationally for $4 extra on either options.

The packaging is so feminine and pretty. I didn't look for spoilers, so I had no clue what I was getting (hard, I know, but I did it!). 

It's an adorable tea cup! The adorable-ness matches the wrapping and everything looks so cute!

And it's a Tea Party theme! 

I love the this month, already just because of the artwork. It's so pretty and just so girly! 

Without flash.

Shortcake Fantasy - This is seriously one of the palest, prettiest pinks I've seen in a while. For me, it could be either a highlight or a soft shimmer sweep.

Seeping Petals - I was afraid this was going to be too dark for my liking, but it's perfect. It's a gorgeous deep brown with an amazing copper shimmer. There's some flecks of some other colors that pick up lightly, so you can use this in conjunction with so many looks!

Teacups and Scones - This looks exactly like sand at the beach, just prettier!  Under flash there is some serious shimmer going on, which just makes it better and better.

With flash.


Without flash.

With flash.


I absolutely loved the colors featured in this month's i+t alchemy! They could be used in combination with one another or in all sorts of variations. The extras are gorgeous as well and I love that we got two lip products to add to my overflowing collection! Everything is very girly and feminine and just so pretty.

As always, let me know what you thought about this box in the comments!

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