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Friday, June 5, 2015

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - May 2015

What is it?: Glamour Doll Eyes before, it's a wonderful indie brand that makes all kinds of makeup products. It includes full sized products as well as a product through Try More Indie from another indie brand. There is also *sometimes* freebies from GDE.

How Much Is It?: $10/month ($15 in Canada and $17 elsewhere).

This month is back to the baggie. I love this one and the tassels are adorable. 

Theme card. The Try More Indie coupon code is for Spectrum Cosmetics and is for 15% off with code SCTMI15! 

Theme card part 2.

Without flash.

Shimmer Me (Bernie) - This is a gel glitter to add some shimmer to your look. Bernie, named after Bernadette of Big Bang Theory, has a purple glitter and sheen.
A little of this goes a very long way, that's for sure. I don't normally like purple lip products, but this is nice to add just a hint of difference to your lip color without being in-your-face purple. It doesn't look purple directly, but the lilac comes out when the light hits it.

No Regrets - A deep purple with a blue-green duochrome and small spurts of pink-purple glitter.
Just by reading the description, I knew I would love this color. Anything that has all sorts of colors, a purple base, and a duochrome will always be a win with me. It's amazing layered over a deep brown or just used on its own!

Apprentice - A pinky orange with a soft green shimmer and holographic sparkle.
I don't normally use oranges, but getting indies has made me try them more (and realize they look good on me). It's thicker going on, so it instantly is a deeper color. I used blended with a light brown and it is completely usable for lighter looks. When the pink picks up, it's a huge win.

With flash.


First of all, there were Sour Patch Kids. I love Sour Patch Kids. :D

Black Violet Perfume Balm (Black & Grey) - Leather Laced Boots, Bubble Gum Pink Peppercorn, and Metallic Vibrations.
There's so much going on with this scent, and it's to die for. It's strong at first and hits you with the leather, but then the bubble gum comes later and makes your mouth water.

Overall, this was another big win for Glamour Doll Eyes. The shadows she makes are amazing and I always love getting new indie brands to try out (and fall in love with as well). If you got Glamour Doll Eyes's OTM, let me know what you thought about it!

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