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Friday, June 12, 2015

Better Half Box Gals - May 2015 + Coupon Code!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

The wonderful people at Better Half Box sent me this box (and something else) to review! Better Half Box is this new monthly subscription box that is for both women and men, each getting their own box with their own theme. Here is the review for the men's box. This is the review for the women's box, the men's box was posted here!You can get your first BHB for only $29 if you click here and use the code 'FIRSTBOX29.' All following boxes are $39.99 each. 

We received both on the same day, so it's super convenient that they put which box it is on the side. I would hate to open the wrong box!

Theme card. Movie Star Gorgeous is a great box theme for women. There's so many things you could do with this theme, so I was super excited to continue opening.

Information card.

I was super confused when I saw these recipe cards. I wasn't quite sure why they were included, but they look yummy!

Geometric Elastic Hair Ties (~$4) - I don't have a link for this, but I love these regardless! I usually stick with black ponytail holders, but these are adorable and so summery. I have a lot of hair, but they seem to be holding up regardless. They will be used much more for holding my braid, where they can be shown off all the time!

Luxurious Sugar Scrub (Wild Orchid) (Exclusive) - This is an exclusive, so I have no idea how much this is valued at. It's ridiculously huge, though, and I love that it's fresh and floral without being in-your-face floral. It feels nice, not too rough but not too soft, and so far seems to be working!

Stemless Wine Glass (Exclusive) - I'm not one to drink wine, but I love the glass regardless. I love the look of stemless glasses and the added touch is super cute!

Gadgets and Gear Movie Trivia Cards ($7.95) - This will be a fun game to play with husband, except he's seen so many more movies than I have. I love the idea behind this and that a fun game was included. It's something that you can play with your family or your girlfriends.

Glamour Dolls Lip Cream (Duh) ($2.99) - This is a really nice babydoll pink. It adds just enough color on me to show, but it's not so light pink that it washes me out. Not only is it a nice color, but it is creamy but looks matte. 

Dell Cove Spice Company Cocktail Rim Sugar Tin (Teal) ($4.25) - I love these rimming sugar crystals. And seeing this explained the recipe cards. I love all of their colors, and that the company sells a ton of other seasonings! There's a lot in the store that I need in my life immediately. ;)

Two Sisters Spa Gourmet Bath Bomb ($4.99) - I admit, I'm a bad beauty blogger. I've never in my life used a bath bomb, and probably won't as a bath bomb. If you break off a little piece of one and put it in a small bowl, it becomes the perfect nail soak. This company sells a ton of amazing scents/colors and I feel like I need a ton.

Crown Brush Professional Makeup Brush Set ($17.99) - This is the closest set I could find to what I received. It's not exact, but it's close in what brushes came and the quality of those brushes. I like Crown Brush brushes and I love that these came with a case. 

I couldn't get an exact value of this box, due to the exclusives. Even so, it definitely had a high enough value to be worth the cost. I love this theme and really love how it included a ton of brands I never would have heard of. The exclusives in their boxes make it an extra special box and makes me feel like they're really invested in what you get! Once again, if you use code FIRSTBOX29 when you click here, you will get your first box for only $29! As always, let me know what you thought about this in the comments!

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  1. Love your review of this Movie Theme box by Better Half!! Can't wait to try this someday! :)

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    1. It's a really good box, and it's definitely huge for what you pay. The box itself is massive and from what I've seen, the June box will be just as great as this one was!